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WT-Tripoli 01:7 Days Tour in Libya to Tripoli, Sabratha, Yefrin, Ghadames, Leptis Magna and Tripoli
  • Day
    Entry Tripoli

    Upon arrival, check in the local hotel. After a short rest, tour the old city including the souk, the Islamic quarters and the arch or Marcus Aurelius. Stay overnight.

  • Day

    Morning visit to the excellent national museum of Tripoli. Then depart to view the extensive ruins of the Roman site of Sabratha. The most outstanding monument at Sabratha is the beautifully restored theatre. After lunch, head to Yefrin, a small town in the Nafussa Mountains.

  • Day

    Morning city tour of Yefrin. Then head to Ghadames, the jewel of the desert. On the way, stop at Gaser Al-Haje and Nalut to view the caves and get an idea about the traditional living styles of the locals. After lunch, continue further south towards the arid Saharan Desert.

  • Day

    Ghadames is a beautiful sleepy desert town that has preserved its original culture en route to Mecca. View the traditional architecture with its labyrinthine passages, mud bricked and gaily decorated streets. You will visit both the old ghost town and the mysterious desert. In the evening you will witness the spectacular desert sunset.

  • Day

    This morning you will visit the Kabaw village with the old houses mostly in shambles, and all of the inhabitants living in rather anonymous structures. You will visit the ghurfas, the grain store built by the local Berbers, and located at the very summit of the village. Later you will visit the pottery market at Gharian before returning to Tripoli.

  • Day
    Tripoli/Leptis Magna/Tripoli

    Visit the renowned World Heritage Site of Leptis Magna located east of Tripoli. Visit the vast site including the Triumphal Arch, huge Basilica, Forum, Public Baths, Hippodrome, the Amphitheater, the temple of Rome and Augustus, the Arch of Trajan, the Arch of Tiberius and the market. Get back to Tripoli.

  • Day
    Exit Tripoli

    Morning tour to the old medina, the markets and museum. Afternoon is free at leisure. Your tour ends here.