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Gambia 01: 7 Days Gambia Tour of Banjul - Abuko Nature Reserve - Juffure

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Day 1: Arrival in Gambia
You will take a flight to Banjul, the capital city of Gambia. Gambia is one of the worlds poorest countries with a backward economy mainly depend on tourism. Banjul is the smallest capital in Africa and a tourist attraction. Upon arrival, you will head to the hotel and then have a good rest.
Day 2: Banjul
Start the visit of Banjul in the Morning. Banjul in the Mandé language means Bamboo Island. In 1816, the English founded Banjul as a trading post and secret base for slave trade. Banjul is located in the tropical grassland, the annual average temperature is around 25°C, the annual rainfall is about 1150 mm and the rainy season spans from June to October. The city is surrounded by beautiful scenery of tropical grassland and fascinating beaches. Today, you will visit the market in Banjul and National Museum of the Gambia which is not big but exhibit many historical photographs, maps and documents depict during the Africans and the colonial era. In addition, you will also visit the batik factories, monuments and other attractions.
Day 3: Abuko Nature Reserve
Today’s tour will take you to visit the Abuko Nature Reserve and Brikama Carving Center. Abuko Nature Reserve is the prime wildlife reserve of this country. You will walk around the protected areas and see monkeys, chimpanzees, many species of birds, and some wild animals like crocodiles, lions and antelopes during the way. After finishing the visit of Abuko Nature Reserve, you will head for the famous wood carving market in the village of Kama Bray. At last, you will return to Banjul.
Day 4: Juffure
You will have a full day sightseeing tour in Juffure. Black American writer Alex Haley published Roots: the Saga of an American Family, a novel based on his familys history, starting with the story of Kunta Kinte, kidnapped in 1767 when he cut wood on James Island and transported to the United States to be sold as a slave and then began his family history of hardship. In other words, Juffure is the root of Alex Haley.
Day 5: Cruise on River Gambia
Today you will have a cruise tour on river Gambia which is one of the best African waterways and the only seagoing vessel navigable river in West Africa. During the trip, you may see many dolphins. Along the way you will experience the African country life in Mandingo Village and participate in the small-scale cultural festival there. You will also visit some historical sites along the river, such as James Island, Albreda Slave market and so on.
Day 6: Free Day
Today, you are scheduled to have a whole day for free activities. You can go to the beach for relaxation, or go shopping or join the short one-day trip. In the evening, you may take part in the farewell dinner and enjoy the local traditional entertainment.
Day 7: Departure from Gambia
There is no tour arrangement in the morning. After lunch, you will transfer to the airport for the departure flight and end the splendid Gambia journey.
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