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WT-Gabon 02: 8 Days Tour of Gabon: Libreville - Iguela - Loango National Park - Evengue Island - St. Anne - Louri River - Lambarene
Day 1: Arrival in Gabon

Upon arrival in Libreville, the capital city of Gabon by air, you will connect a flight to Loango National Park. After landing at the Omboue airport, you will transfer to check in the Iguela Lodge and relax for the rest of the day.

Day 2: Loango National Park

In the morning, you will take a traditional Gabon boat to Louri lagoon. You will be here to enjoy the magnificent view of beaches, tropical rainforests and wildlife. In the afternoon, you will take a SUV or go on foot to see the tens of thousands of birds and wildlife here. After dinner, you will be invited to appreciate local dance and music.

Day 3: Loango National Park

Dry season: In the morning, you will take a boat to Akaka, the most beautiful, remote and original ecological part of Gabon. Here you can see the unexploited natural landscape and wild animals. In the afternoon, you will have a hiking tour through the bush and pass by the famous “Megatransect” during the way. Rainy season: You will take a jeep to the Tassi Savannah Camp located in the woods in the morning. On the way there, you will encounter elephants, buffalos and a large number of birds. You may also have the opportunity to visit Max Planck Institute to get to know the habituation program of gorillas and chimpanzees.

Day 4: St. Anne - Evengue Island

Today, you will take a SUV for a short ride and then transfer to Mission St. Anne by boat to visit the Gustaf Eiffels tower. At this extremely quiet place, you will take a walk around the bamboo forest nearby. After that, you will head to visit the Evengue Island, also known as “Gorilla Island”. On the island, you will have the opportunity to go to the habitation of gorillas and get close touch with them.

Day 5: Lambarene: Albert Schweitzer

Today you will visit Lambarene, one of the most spectacular historic places in Gabon, and it is the home of Albert Schweitzer in Africa. Albert Schweitzer was born in Germany and he has four doctor’s degree of theology, music, philosophy and medicine. In 1953, he received the Nobel Peace Prize of the year of 1952. You can visit the Albert Schweitzer Hospital he founded and get to know the relevant history. After the visit, you can go fishing or go to watch birds or head for the bat island.

Day 6: Louri River

Today, you will walk to visit Louri River where live many birds and animals. The afternoon tour will take you to tour around “Chef du Canton” by boat.

Day 7: Libreville

Return to Libreville after breakfast. Upon arrival, you will have a whole day to explore this city. Alternatively, you can also choose to go to Sao Tome and Principe to enjoy the beach and sunshine there by air.

Day 8: Departure from Gabon

The whole day will be free for you to stroll around the Libreville city on your own. After the tour, you will take a flight leaving from Gabon and put an end to this fantastic trip.
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