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Gabon 01: 13 Days Gabon Tour of Libreville - Evengue Island - Mission St. Anne - Akaka Forest Camp - Tassi Savannah Camp - Loango National Park - Lope National Park - Mikongo Camp

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Day 1: Arrival in Gabon
You will arrive in Libreville, the capital of Gabon by plane. "Libreville" means a free city. Early in the late of 15th century, Western colonialists arrived at the coast in succession and engaged in evil slave trade. Libreville is an ideal seaside tourist city, the tropical scenery of seaside and coconut trees make the city extraordinary beautiful. Upon arrival, you will transfer to check in the hotel and take a good rest to adjust the time difference.
Day 2: Evengue Island
In the morning you will transfer to the airport and then take a flight to Omboue. Upon arrival, you will check in the hotel of tourism area. Then you will go to an island by boat, where is the sanctuary for little gorillas. After lunch, you will have the opportunity to visit gorillas’ living area, and have a closely contact with gorillas. Late in the afternoon, you can tour around the island on your own.
Day 3: Mission St. Anne
Today you will take a boat trip on mpivie River. Then you will pay a visit to the small town of St. Anne. After arrival, you will visit the iron church here, which was built in the 19th century and designed by Gustav Eiffel. In the afternoon, you will continue your cruise journey. When walking through the dense tropical rain forest, you can find monkeys, crocodiles and different kinds of birds. At last, you will return to the hotel of tourism area by jeep.
Day 4: Akaka Forest Camp/ Tassi Savannah Camp
After breakfast, you will take a jeep ride to Tassi Savannah Camp (rainy season) or Akaka Forest Camp (dry season). On the way to Tassi Savannah, you could encounter elephants, buffalos and a large number of birds. The camp is located in woods. You may pay a visit to the Max Planck Institute, where you can know about habituation program of gorillas and chimpanzees. In the dry season, you will go to Akaka by boat, and pass through a huge lagoon on the way. Akaka is one of the most remote parts of the Loango National Park. There are a large number of butterflies and birds in the forest. Dry season: May to September; rainy season: October to April.
Day 5: Akaka Forest Camp/ Tassi Savannah Camp
Today, you will take a hiking tour in Tassi Savannah Camp. In addition to the beautiful scenery all along the way, you can also see a lot of wild animals. In Akaka, the forest camp is located in the heart of the tropical rain forest and you will walk around in the tropical rainforest. You will always be accompanied by rainforests, rivers and wildlife all day long.
Day 6: Loango National Park
The whole day will spend in Loango National Park. You will travel deep into the prairie by bus, then walk into the mangroves and take a boat trip along the lagoon at last. Particularly, you will even have the opportunity to participate in the scientific expedition with an archaeological team. This will definitely be a unique experience.
Day 7: Pt. St. Catherine Beach Camp
After breakfast, you will continue your tour in Loango National Park. You will have the chance to enjoy a real picnic on the prairie. In the afternoon, you will arrive at Pt. St. Catherine Beach Camp after passing through the lagoon by boat. This is a basic campsite with beautiful sandy beaches, located in the north of Loango National Park. 
Day 8: Lope National Park
This morning, you will go to Iguela airport and take a flight to Lope. Upon arrival, you will be led to the hotel by a professional guide and then today’s tour begins. You will visit Lope National Park, one of the largest national parks in Gabon. You can appreciate tropical forests and prairie in the park.
Day 9: Mikongo Camp
The morning tour will take you to see and observe wild animals. Then you will leave for Mikongo Camp by SUV. This camp is an excellent place to study primates. Six kinds of primates live here and you can visit them here. In addition, you can also observe the insects, crocodiles, Gabon vipers, cobras and other wildlife species in this camp.
Day 10: Mikongo Camp
Today, you will walk through the rainforest in the camp. You can choose your own route with proper length and difficulty according to your own situation. Through this event, you will have the opportunity to see more wild animals live in the depths of the rainforest by walking through it.
Day 11: Lope National Park
You will go back to Lope National Park in the morning. After arrival, you will visit the Eco Museum, or visit the nearby villages on foot.
Day 12: Libreville
In the morning, you will have a tour of Mandrill tracking. In the process of tracking tour, you will encounter gorillas, monkeys, elephants and other wild animals. In the afternoon, you will go to the railway station and return to Libreville by train.
Day 13: Departure from Gabon
After breakfast, you will take a tour in Libreville. You will have the chance to learn about the history and many attractions of this city. After that, you will transfer to the airport and leave Gabon by plane.
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