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Best Finland Tour 2024/2025

Finland Map

How to Plan Your Finland Tour?

Best Time to Visit: All Year Round
Major Cities for International Flights: Helsinki (the capital), Rovaniemi, Ivalo
Visa: A member of Schengen Agreement countries. If you have multiple destinations in Schengen country, then apply for a visa to the country which you will stay the longest.
Money Tips: The official currency of Finland is Euro. A small amount of Euro cash is enough, since most of the time, credit card is more convenient.
  • 1-2 Days
    There are a variety of outdoor activities such as ice fishing, dog sledding, snowshoeing. It is also a good opportunity to take a cruise from Helsinki to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, to feel a different culture.
  • 4-6 Days
    In 4 days, you can tour only one city and its surrounding area, such as Helsinki or Lapland. 6 days are more suitable to put these two together with the Santa Claus express train. Our Finland tours can meet all your desires.
  • 7-12 Days
    No matter winter or summer, Finland is an ideal destination with the extreme visual feast of Polar days or nights. If you're interested, you can extend your Finland trip to more countries of the Scandinavia, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland.

Trip Planning FAQs

How can I arrange my airport transfer in Helsinki?
The popular ways are the airport express, the Commuter train and the public bus. Taxi is quite expensive.

The airport express takes only 30 minutes, and the tickets can be bought onboard the bus from the driver at the price of €6.9 per ticket. The terminal in the city is the Eliel square, which is just beside the central railway station. From airport to the city center, there are several stops along the way, where the driver can stop on request. Please do tell the driver your destination and he will suggest the nearest stop to you.

The Commuter train is running between airport and the central station. It also takes about half an hour and it is available every 10 or 20 minutes. The tickets can be bought from the vending machine.

The public bus 615 is also workable and it takes about 45 minutes. And all of our Finland tour packages can offer a private airport transfer on request.
What's the temperature during winter and summer in Finland?
Generally speaking, the temperature in winter will be between -5℃(-41℉) and -15℃(-59℉). But sometimes it may drop to -35℃(-95℉) in winter. Fortunately, such extreme cold weather is not common.

In summer, the temperature is generally about 20℃(68℉), sometimes it can soar to 35℃(95℉).
What is the best time to take Finland tours?
It depends on what you want to see in Finland. Generally, June to August is the travel high season, when you can experience the long and warm summer and participate in rich activities in Lakeland and Archipelago.

If you like snow and winter activities, then September to mid-April in Lapland is better, where you can take part in the traditional outdoor entertainments and also see the glittering and mysterious northern lights.
When and where to visit the midnight sun?
Lapland is the best place for midnight sun. In Utsjoki, the northernmost tip of Finland, the sun stays on the horizon for more than two months from mid-May to the end of July. In south of Lapland, the sun also stays for a month between June and July. And, you can see the white nights during the most of summer days.
Do I need to bring my own very warm clothes to Lapland in winter?
You can bring your own warm clothes for your common activities. When you take outdoor activities of our Finland tour packages, winter clothing and boots will be provided to you if needed.
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