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Beijing Impression Tours(8 Itineraries)

After successfully holding the 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing wins more attention from the world. An increasing number of tourists are eager to witness this city's long year history and culture. Join in a tour to Beijing and collect a sweet memory.

4-Day Guilin - Yangshuo -Guilin Lowest at $260

Guilin has the top landscape of China and Yangshuo is a paradise for living. Taking this route, you will be totally relaxed in the scenic city and have a great chance to savor the ethnic minority folk culture.

4-Day Huangshan - Yixian County - Shexian County -Huangshan Lowest at $340

Huangshan has a reputation for its superb five wonders which are great temptations for the travelers. Yixian and Shexian County in the suburb of Huangshan city are the two best places to trail the Huizhou folk culture and ancient residence in the Ming and Qing dynasty.

9-Day Kunming - Dali - Lijiang - Shangri-La - Kunming Lowest at $1130

As the capital of Yunnan province, Kunming has the pleasant weather all the year round and is a main congregating area of ethnic minority in China. Starting from here and the guide will lead you to visit the paradise Lijiang and Shangri-La far away from bustling metropolis.

5-Day Shanghai - Suzhou - Zhouzhuang - Shanghai Lowest at $420

Let alone you will have a taste of the thriving Shanghai flavor in this tour, the No. 1 water town of China, Zhouzhuang and famous garden city Suzhou will beyond your expectation. Don't hesitate to join in now to round off a joyful holiday.

4-Day Shanghai - Zhujiajiao - Shanghai Lowest at $320

After touring the towering buildings and historical sites in Shanghai, go to see the Zhujiajiao in its vicinage if you're eager to explore the beauty of the water town in a limited time. This great town has much to view and taste for the tourists.

Xian Exploration(10 Itineraries)

For the tourists who plan your China tours for the first time, Xian is must stop. It records the great changes of this wisdom nation and is considered to be the "Natural History Museum".