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China Photos

Are you planning to travel China? Have you thought of exploring China online first? Then, have a glance of the China Photos in the photo albums below especially provided by warriortours! You will certainly feast your eyes on the hundreds of exquisite pictures of China, and have a general idea about the popular tourist Chinese cities, well-known attractions, colorful folk customs, landmarks as well as the ethnic minorities.

Hot China City Photos

  • Palace of Heavenly Purity in Forbidden City, Beijing Beijing Photos

    Being an historic city, Beijing is always the first choice of most travelers to China, having dozens of places of cultural and historical interest.

  • Pudong New District, Shanghai Shanghai Photos

    The largest city of China, Shanghai is a shining international metropolis, with profound cultural foundation and numerous historical sites.

  • Terracotta Warriors, Xian Xian Photos

    Cradle of the Chinese nation, Xian has ever been the capital city for 13 dynasties in Chinese history, enjoying the fame 'Natual Historical Museum of China'.

  • Five Rams Sculpture in Yuexiu Park, Guangzhou Guangzhou Photos

    Regarded as the 'South Gate of China', Guangzhou, with its natural scenery and historical sites, attracts thousands of business travelers yearly.

  • Li River Cruise, Guilin Guilin Photos

    A world-renowned tourism city of natural landscape, Guilin gets its fame for the fascinating mountains, surprising caves and the enticing Li River.

  • Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet Lhasa Photos

    Lhasa, meaning 'Holy Land' in Tibetan, preserves many ancient palaces and temples of Tibetan Buddhism, with the Potala Palace as the most well-known.

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