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Beijing Impression Tours

4-Day of Beijing Lowest at $240

Beijing, as the capital of China, always has much to expect for the tourists. Whatever conquers the sinuous Great Wall or see the magnificent Forbidden City, the palace of the emperors in the Ming and Qing dynasty, you will be deeply impressed by the travel experience.

6-Day Tour of Beijing - Changchun

Beijing is city coexistent with the old and fashion. Changchun, for one thing the Puppet Emperor’s Palace witnesses its long history, for another, the city of Automobiles and Films bring you into a new modern city.

6-Day Exploration in Beijing and Changchun

This is a mysterious travel route, you will be rewarded with unique pleasure after you explore Nong’an and dreamlike Halamaodu.

6-Day Discovery in Beijing and Changchun

Apart from splendid Forbidden City in Beijing and the snowscape in Changchun, you can go farther to other tourist sites to discover more history and cultural deposits on your own. It should be much more pleasant and enjoyable.

6-Day Excursion to Beijing and Changchun

If you take in the following route, you will be glad to see all round aspects of Beijing and Changchun, because volcanoes, old towns and caves are all included in your agenda.

6-Day of Beijing, Yanji, Tumen River, Liangshui Town, Huichun

More color will be added when you relax and get acquainted with Korean minority as well as the ruins and natural scape. It is a mixture of the natural and the man-made.

7-Day of Beijing - Shenyang

It is a summer classic route around Beijing adn Shenyang. Benxi water cave is the longest limestone cave with water in the world; and you will not miss Kwan-yin Reservoir scenic area.

6-Day Exploration in Beijing and Shengyang

This is a profuse route, with historial sites, mountains and lakes, memorial of Premier Zhou Enlai, and also the course of technical development.