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Bahrain Tours

Bahrain, an island country in the center of the Persia Gulf, where there is such an amazing variety of attractions to discover, you will enjoy the beaches, with their divine beauty and endless entertainment, attract tourists in large numbers from all parts of the world.

Tour Code: WT-Bahrain 01
3 Days Tour of Bahrain: Manama

Departure: Daily
  • Day
    Arrival in Bahrain

    You will fly to Manama, the capital city of Bahrain. Bahrain, hailed as “the Eastern Hong Kong”, is the only one country consisting of islands in the Arabdom and its pillars of the economy are finance, industry and tourism. It is also known as “the gulf pearl” in the Persian Gulf for its beautiful scenery. As the capital and the biggest city, Manama has a long history, which can be dated back to 1345 in the Moslem annals. After arrival, you will go to Novotel Al-Dana Resort with traditional style and a mini-type private beach.

  • Day

    The morning tour will take you to stroll around Manama. First you are going to visit the Al Khamis Mosque with the longest history. It was built in 692 and has been well-preserved till now. In the recent years, archaeologists have found some remains and ancient tombs before Islam was introduced. Then you will visit Museum of Islamic Art where stores many Moslem arts. After this visiting, you will walk to souk of Muharraq. Finally, you will see many other scenic spots including the Arad Fort built in the 15th century.

  • Day
    Departure from Bahrain

    There is no scheduled activities arranged today and you will have some free time to go shopping in Manama in the daytime. In the evening, you will go to the airport and leave from Bahrain by air.