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Top Things to Do in Bahrain

With a long history of about 4,000 years, Bahrain is an island country which has numerous historical relics, cultural heritage, classical collections of Islam culture, and famous natural scenic spots. There are many things to do when visiting the country. Both ancient culture and modern development can be seen. Tourists can first visit local attractions and taste local food and snacks. Then they can participate in local activities and make friends with locals. Afterwards, it is worth experiencing the colorful night life at bars or clubs on this island. This will be a heaven for those who like this sort of thing.

Must-go Cities


As the capital city, Manama is located in the northeast region of Bahrain. With two thirds of the total population living in Manama, this city is the largest one in the country. In addition, Manama is the nation’s political, economic, transport, commercial and cultural center. Renowned as a pearl on the Persian Gulf, it is also the most important seaport and trade center in Middle East. Traveling around Manama, tourists can visit the Al-Fateh Mosque, National Museum, Bahrain International Circuit, Barbar Temple, Bahrain Fort, etc.


Consisting of the East and West Riffa, Riffa is the second largest city in the country. Riffa is mainly located in Central Governorate and only a small part in Southern Governorate. The majority of its people are Sunni Muslim. Sheikh Salman Bin Ahmed Al Fateh Fort, built on the top of a mountain, is a good place to overlook the valley while drinking coffee there. Visitors interested in various military equipment are advised to visit the 2-floor Military Museum. Free English guide service by Ipod is available in the museum.


As the third largest city in Bahrain, Muharraq is located on Muharraq Island to the northernmost region of the country. Bahrain International Airport is located in the city. When traveling to Muharraq, tourists can see many historical architectures, beautiful gardens and famous shopping malls including Shaikh Isa Bin Ali House, the Lagoon Park, Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Park, Al Azizia Birds Kingdom, Dragon City Bahrain, Al-seef mall Muharraq, Busaad Art Gallery, etc. If you need to buy souvenirs and local specialties, Muharraq souq is highly recommended.

Additionally, tourists can also visit Isa Town, Hamad Town, Hidd when traveling in the country.

Must-see Attractions

Al-Fateh Mosque

It’s one of the largest mosques in the world and can accommodate 7,000 more visitors. The mosque consists of a two-storey main building with a round glass and steel dome on its top and a courtyard. The big hall on the first floor is covered by carpet. Both the ceiling lamp and windows are fantastic. Visitors need to take off shoes when entering the mosque. Female visitors may get a robe and headscarf to cover hair, but it’s not that strict. Free English guides are available there for tourists’ convenience. Tourists can also get free postcards.

Bahrain National Museum

Precious cultural relics from the Stone Age to modern times are treasured here. The columns decorated with folk costumes patterns in the museum are pretty fancy. Tourists can deeply learn about the history, culture, custom and folk life of the country by appreciating those paintings, statues, Quran doctrines, and the restored copy of tombs dating back to 6,000 years.

Bahrain Fort

Known as the only World Cultural Heritage in the country, Bahrain Fort was built at seashore by Portugal around 3,000 years BC. It looks pretty spectacular. The ruins of ancient city were founded when archaeologists excavated the remains underneath Bahrain Fort. Many large stone houses made up the ancient city. Tall walls were built around for defense purpose. This shows the skilled architectural technique of ancient Bahrainis.

Best Cuisine to Taste

The majority of Bahrainis believes in Islam, so they don’t eat pork and beef is also seldom seen. They mainly feed on mutton, chicken, turkey and duck. Not all restaurants sell alcohol, so if you want some, you need to inquire the restaurant before your meal. Tea and coffee are common beverages.


Made from hummus and other seasonings, Falafel is the most common cuisine in Bahrain. The locals usually put Falafel covered by salad cream in a pita. Sometimes, Falafel is made from tuna which is full of nutrients.


As the most traditional dish, Machbous is a meat and rice stew. The meat mainly refers to lamb or fish. Besides, vegetables such as onions and tomatoes are also used.

Baba Ghanoush

Served with vegetables and pitas together, Baba Ghanoush is a soup made from garlic, eggplant, and sesame paste.

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