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West Street (Xi Jie)

West Street, Yangshuo

Enjoying a long history of more than 1,400 years, Yangshuo West Street is 517 meters (565 yards) long and eight meters (9 yards) wide, lying in the center of Yangshuo County. The street is paved with marble stones and in S-shaped. Along the street stands over 1,000 bars, restaurants, coffee shops, folk crafts shops, painting and calligraphy shops, hotels and gymnasiums of Chinese Kungfu. Most of the architecture reflects the typical Southern Chinese style of elegance and simplicity.

The West Street is also named "foreigners' street", because you can often see tourists of various nationalities drinking and chatting in threes and fives at almost every street corner. It is also very common for families to play together in the street. Almost all signs and brands of the shops are in English or in both Chinese and English, and from the waiters of the hotels and restaurants to the old ladies selling fruits, almost all the people in the street can speak fluent English. When in the street, Chinese will feel that they are abroad, while foreigners can experience the ancient Chinese flavor. West Street is therefore regarded as a 'global village'.

A large number of Chinese commodities with rich Chinese characteristics are assembled in the street, including cheongsams, Tang suits, embroidery, wax paintings, calligraphy , paintings and seals as well as the well-known Yangshuo braised beer fish, Yangshuo Tiannuoniang ( a kind of dish made of field snails) and Guilin rice noodles.

Walking in the Street, you will be immersed in a relaxed atmosphere providing the opportunity to chat with your closest friends, read your favorite books and listen to your favorite CDs.

Authentic Italian coffee, western-style food and the latest fashions are all available in West Street. You can even take the opportunity to learn a number of different languages.


Transportation: A bus is available to Yangshuo from the right side of the Gulin Train Station, costing CNY 5. At a cost of CNY 180 you can take a cruise ship from Guilin to Yangshuo. Inner city transportation: West Street is accessible on foot or you can rent a bicycle. As a saying goes 'no bike, no Yangshuo', riding a bicycle allows you to appreciate the beauty of West Street and Yangshuo.

Best time to visit: from April to October.

 Cafe List

Anne's Art Cafe

With first-class quality and affordable prices, Anne's Art Cafe provides delicate food, which is not only an enjoyment to your stomach but also to your eyes.
Add: 48 West Street, Yangshuo Town
Tel: 0086 773 8820252
Fax: 0086 773 8822060
E-mail: Leexiu@hotmail.com


Located under the green lotus peak and near the Li River, Sihai Hotel, as the most popular hotel in Yangshuo, is well known both at home and abroad. With bright and clean rooms, friendly staff as well as reasonable prices, eating here can be regarded as a kind of enjoyment. Hot showers are available 24 hours here.
Add: 73 West Street, Yangshuo Town
Tel: 86-(0)773-8822013
Fax: 86-(0)773-8822013
E-mail: Sihai@hotmail.com

Under the Moon

A cafe house is extremely attractive.
Add: 83 West Street, Yangshuo Town
Postalcode: 541900
Tel: 773-8825000
Fax: 773-8825000

MeiYou Cafe

Meiyou means: "We don't have"It promises that "Meiyou warm beer, meiyou lousy food, meiyou rip-offs, meiyou bad service. But we do have famous bleak fast buffet Chinese's western food".
Add: 80 West Street, Yangshuo
Tel: 8821167

Paris Cafe

Situated under the Lotus Peak, surrounded by green hills and clean water, Paris Cafe has convenient communication. Having started business 18 years ago, it, with its high-class service, top quality, and elegant environment, has attracted countless guests from all over the world.