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Best Turkmenistan Private Tours 2021

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How to Plan Your Turkmenistan Tour?

Best Time to Visit: Spring from April to June; Autumn from August to October.
Major Cities for International Flights: Ashgabat, the capital city
Visa: All travelers need a visa to enter Turkmenistan. The Letter of Invitation (LOI), which is supplied by local travel agencies, is required to apply for the tourist visa. We could offer LOI for our clients.
Money Tips: Turkmenistani Manat (TMT) is used in Turkmenistan. You could change USD and EUR into local currancy easily at banks.
  • 2-4 Days
    If you are more interested in its culture and history, you could visit Ashgabat and its nearby Nissa ruin; if you prefer the natural scenic spot, you could go to the Darvaza Gas Crater to appreciate the burning crater, which is especially astonishing at night. If your time is sufficient, you could visit both.
  • 5-9 Days
    You could visit the most famous attractions in Turkmenistan, such as the Nissa ruin in Ashgabat, Ancient Merv Historical Park in Mary, Kunya-Urgench Historical Park in Dashoquz and the Darvaza Gas Crater. For the nature and culture lovers, you could also pay a visit to the Nour Mountain Village in Turkmenbashi.
  • 10 Days or More
    If you plan your Turkmenistan packages for more than 10 days, you could explore the country more deeply. Visit the desert, the ancient ruins along the Silk Road and various landscapes. You could also have a multi-country tour by connecting with other “Stan” countries or Iran.

Trip Planning FAQs

What special customs should I observe when having Turkmenistan tours?
Just like other Central Asia countries, most of residents in Turkmenistan are Muslims. Travelers should avoid wearing camisole and shorts on the street but dresses and pants below the knees are fine. Besides, females should cover their heads and shoulders with scarf and males should wear the long or medium sleeve shirts when visiting the mosques.

What's more, travelers should also notice that some of the buildings and statues are not allowed to take pictures. Your guide will remind you while traveling.
Can I use my credit card in Turkmenistan?
How to travel around Turkmenistan?
Can I travel independently in Turkmenistan?
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