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Tunisia Tours

Tunisia, the northmost country of Africa Continent, has a long and gentle coastline where you can fully expose yourselves in the finest golden beaches and the deep blue sea. This sunny Mediterranean land is truly a paradise for the vacationers.

Tour Code: WT-Tunisia 05
8-days Journey of Tunisia

Departure: Daily
  • Day
    Arrival in Tunisia - Carthage - Sidi Bou Said

    After arriving in Tunisia by air, you will go to Carthage, an ancient city. As part of the world cultural heritage, Carthage has a wide range of relics, including Carthage Wharf and ancient Roman altars. When you finish visiting these sites, you will drive to Sidi Bou Said, also called “Blue and White Town”. All the white houses in the town are situated at the foot of mountains, and all the gates, windows and rails of stairs are colored blue, as bright as the blue Mediterranean Sea.

  • Day
    Sidi Bou Said - Monastir - Sousse

    Today you will visit Bardo National Museum, which has the largest collection of Roman mosaic works. Then you will head for Medina, one of the most populated Muslim urban areas in North Africa. The destinations due after lunch are Port El Kantaoui, acclaimed as “Sahel’s pearl”, and Monastir. At the end of the day you will drive to Sousse.

  • Day
    Sousse - Kairouan - Sbeitla - Tawzar

    In this day you will go to Kairouan, one of the four Islamic holy places, to visit the Grand Mosque, the largest mosque in Tunisia, Aghlabite Basins, the largest basin in North Africa, and Sidi Sahbe Mausoleum. Kairouan will offer you a great chance to appreciate those mosques representing the classics of the Arabian construction style, culture and art and to enjoy the religious charm. After lunch, you will go on your trip with visiting Sbeitla and Tozeur, the largest oasis in the desert, walking through gardens of One Thousand and One Nights (the Arabian Nights). After dinner, you will get back to the hotel.

  • Day

    Transfer back to Tunis. Visit the Bardo Museum. Then transfer to Carthage, the storehouse of history, and visit historical relics. Continue your driving to Sidi Bou Said, a blue and white village. You can enjoy the charming scenery here. Then transfer back to Tunis. Take an evening flight to Cairo. Upon arrival, check in a local hotel and have a good rest.

  • Day
    Douz - Matmata - Gabes - Safaqis

    This morning, you will go through Douz riding camels and visiting the beautiful views. After the sightseeing, you will move ahead to Matmata and have lunch there. After lunch, you plan to visit Berber’s homes, which were chiselled out of mountain ridges and were the setting of the scenes where the extra-terrestrials are dancing disco in The Star Wars. As our trip goes on, you can stop to visit the special dye market in Gabes, which is called the “coastal oasis”. The last stop of the day is Safaqis, the second largest city of Tunisia. There grow thousands of olive trees which are said to be the largest ones in the world.

  • Day
    Safaqis - Jem - Hammamet

    Today you will head for El Djem to visit the ancient Roman amphitheater, which is the best-preserved one in the country. Then you will visit Berber tribes and have lunch there. The last destination of the day is Hammamet, which was a famous summer resort in the seventeenth century.

  • Day
    Hammamet - Dougga or Thugga - Tunisia

    You will head for Dougga or Thugga and visit the remains of ancient Roman City. At the end of the day you will move to Tunisia City, a picturesque coastal city. After enjoying dinner, you will get back to the hotel.

  • Day
    Departure from Tunisia

    The whole morning is free for you to go shopping by yourselves and purchase some specialties and souvenirs. While appreciating the local customs, you can taste some local snacks. Then you will transfer to the airport and get back home by air.