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Reed Flute Cave & Seven-star Park

Guilin-Reed Flute Cave

 Reed Flute Cave

Located five kilometers (three miles) away from the city center in the northwestern suburb of Guilin, Reed Flute Cave is a wonderland of all sorts of stalactite, stone pillars and rock formations. In the early Tang Dynasty (618 - 907), tourists came to this site and over 70 pieces of wall paintings in the cave earn it the name of 'Atural Art Palace'

The cave for its name for the reeds planting outside, which is said to be used to make flutes by local people. The 240-meter-long (787 feet) cave is in a shape with two entrances. A trip cruises about 500 meters (1,640 feet) in the cave by boat feast a tourist's eye with a spectacular world of stalactites and rock formations created by carbonate deposition. Illuminated by colored lights, the formations are presented in many variations and the scene is very fantastic. It is a pleasant experience to listen to a tour guide's interpretation of the romantic legends and stories behind those fantastic formations.

Restaurants, teahouses, pavilions and other convenient tourist facilities make the travelers' tips comfortable.

Admission Fee: CNY 60
Opening Hours: 08:00 to 16:40
Time for a Visit:
Three hours
Bus Route: 3, 58

 Seven-star Park

Located on the eastern bank of the Li River, Seven-Star Park is a combination of several hill attractions, a zoo, a stone forest and other garden architecture. It has been a well-known attraction from the Sui (581 - 618) and Tang (618 - 907) dynasties and now is the largest zoological park in the city.

The park got its name for the Seven-Star Hill, which is composed of seven peaks resembling the patterns of the seven stars in the Big Dipper. The three peaks in the south are called Crescent Hill and the four peaks in the north are named Putuo, on the hillside of which is the famous Seven-Star Cave. The 1,000 meters long water-eroded cave, originally an underground waterway hundreds of years ago, present a large variety of rock formations, stalagmites, stone pillars and water-eroded terrains.

South to the Putong Hill is the famous Camel Hill, which is in shape of a kneeling camel. To the south of the Camel Hill, a collection of over 2,000 potted landscaping works, exhibited in a garden is a big feast for eyes.

Admission Fee:
CNY 30 (including the Zoo);
CNY 30 (Seven Star Cave)
Opening Hours:
08:10 to 17:00
Time for a Visit:
One hour
Bus Route:

1. The Seven Stars Cave and Guilin Zoo are in the Seven Stars Park. To visit them, you need to pay and enter the park first.
2. Combo ticket fare: CNY99 for Seven-star Park + Guilin Zoo.
3. Children who are under 1.2 meters (4 feet) can visit the Seven-star Park free of charge.