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How to Plan Your Pakistan Tour?

Best Time to Visit: May to October
Major Cities for International Flights: Islamabad (Capital), Lahore, Karachi
Visa: All foreigners need a valid visa to enter Pakistan. Citizens of some countries could apply for the visa online and some could get the visa on arrival.
Money Tips: The official currency is Pakistani Rupee. The most commonly used foreign currencies are USD, GBP and Euro. You could exchange into local currency easily. ATMs are available to withdraw cash. All major credit cards could be used in large cities. Prepare some cash when traveling to the rural area.
  • 6-8 Days
    Explore the capital city of Pakistan - Islamabad together with the country's cultural center of Lahore and its surroundings.
  • 8-11 Days
    Start the tour from Islamabad and enjoy the most beautiful landscape in the northeast part of the country.
  • 13 Days or More
    Extend Pakistan tours to the former capital - Karachi to visit more historical heritage or explore further for n0000atural beauty

Trip Planning FAQs

Is it safe to travel in Pakistan?
Yes, it is quite safe to travel in most parts of Pakistan. Only some remote areas, especially the border near Afghanistan has security issues. Most of the sightseeing spots in Pakistan locate near Islamabad and in the northeast part, where are completely safe for tourists. Furthermore, during your Pakistan vacation packages, our professional tour guide and driver will pay more attention to your safety and will take good care of you for sure.
Is the border between Pakistan and China open for the whole year?
How to buy a SIM card in Pakistan? Is Wi-Fi available?
What should I wear for Pakistan tours?
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