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Best Private Nigeria Tours 2023/2024

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How to Plan Your Nigeria Tour?

Best Time to Visit: November to January (dry season)
Major Cities for International Flights: Lagos
Visa: Visitors can apply for the visa to Nigeria online and the process takes about 2-6 days. The maximum time you can stay in Nigeria is 30 days per entry with an e-Visa.
Money Tips: The official currency is the Nigerian naira. Cash is still the king in Nigeria. When you are traveling there, you can withdraw cash at an ATM. Credit and debit cards are widely accepted in tourist regions, especially Visa and Master cards.
  • 3-5 Days
    For a short trip, you may focus on the most popular cities, Lagos and Abuja. Lagos is the biggest city in Nigeria and most international flights arrive here. It is the economic and financial center of Nigeria. Abuja is the capital city with a long history to explore.
  • 6-8 Days
    You may take a Nigeria tour package to discover the long history of this country from Lagos all the way to Abeokuta and Oshogbo. The world heritage in Oshogbo will leave you with a special experience.
  • 9 Days or More
    It is enough for you to visit Nigeria from south to north. You can visit the Idanre Hills and the isolated village, walk into one of the most traditional ethnic tribes, and watch wildlife animals. You will see a diverse Nigeria when you take a tour around 10 days.

Trip Planning FAQs

What language is spoken in Nigeria?
In Nigeria, English is the official language. There are several local languages in Nigeria but most people speak English.
Is the tap water in Nigeria drinkable?
It is suggested to drink bottled water rather than tap water.
Is Wi-Fi available in Nigeria?
Yes. There is free Wi-Fi available in restaurants, hotels, cafes, etc.
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