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Although located among snow mountains, Nepal has a very pleasant climate all year round. It is regarded as the paradise for both sightseeing and trekking, where you will see the ancient sacred monasteries and temples, the majestic mountains and peaks, and the national park with rare animals and birds. Following our Nepal private tours, you will explore these world heritage sites, appreciate the natural landscapes, and experience the brilliant culture as well as the enthusiasm and friendliness of Nepalese people.
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Trip Planning FAQs

When is the best time to visit Nepal?
There are mainly two seasons in Nepal. The dry season is from October to next May and the rainy season is from June to September. Most people choose to take Nepal private tours during the dry season with less rainfall. There are more chances that the Himalayas are clear and dry with great visibility.
What should I plan for the best Nepal private tours?
It depends on your tour duration. For about one week tour, you could visit Kathmandu with Chitwan National Park or Pokhara. If you have more than one week, you could add Lumbini, Dhulikhel or Nagarkot. Our private tours of Nepal offer you different tour itineraries, and we are also happy to offer custom services.
Do I need a visa to Nepal?
Yes, you need a visa to visit Nepal. But it is quite simple and convenient to get the visa on arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport, which is the only international airport in Nepal. While if you enter Nepal from other borders, you will need to apply for the visa in advance.
What currency should I use in Nepal?
The official currency in Nepal is Rupee. Although USD could be used in some places, it is still advised to take some Rupees for a better deal. There are many exchange offices licensed by the government around the sightseeing sites. Also, there are ATM machines in major cities, like Kathmandu, Pokhara, etc. You could withdraw some cash with your credit card. While if you go to the mountain area, you need to prepare some cash in advance.
What is the dress code in Nepal?
Nepal is a religious country. Take some comfortable and modest clothes with you during your best Nepal private tours. Please wear long-sleeved dresses when visiting the temple or monastery. You also need to remove the leather items when visiting the Hindu temples.
Do I need to take an adaptor?
The electricity in Nepal is 220-240 volts and two-pin round European sockets is used. It is better to take your own adaptor, in case the hotel has no more. You could also buy one in the local market at a very cheap price.
Can I drink the tap water?
No, you are advised to drink bottled water. Hotels will provide the bottled water on daily basis, and we will also offer you the bottled water during the tour.
Do I need any vaccinations for Nepal?
Generally speaking, there is no need for special vaccinations to Nepal. While, if you include Terai region in your private tours of Nepal, we would suggest you take some preventive treatment and tropical strength insect repellent. You could consult your doctor before travelling.
Is WIFI available or do I need to buy a local SIM card?
WIFI is available at hotels, you can use it for free. If you want to keep the mobile all day active, then a local SIM card is suggested. It is much cheaper than international roaming. You need to prepare one photo and your passport copy in advance. Your guide will assist you with it.
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