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Mali 01: 11 Days Mali Tour of Bamako - Bambara - Bogolan - Kanga - Bandiagara - Tirelli - Tellem - Songho - Fulani - Djenne - Timbuktu

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Day 1: Arrival in Mali
After arrival in Bamako, the capital city of Mali by air, you will go to check in the hotel and rest to recover from the jet lag for the rest of the day.
Day 2: Bamako
Today, you will go and see how the local Bambara women extract Shea Butter from the fruits in the tree and how they make mud cloth.
Day 3: Kanga - Bandiagara
Today, you will first head to the Bolo village in Kanga to have a great view of the beautiful barns along the sides of the road there. In the afternoon, you will go to the Bandiagara which lies in the center of Dogon country.
Day 4: Tellem
This morning, you will get to the Tirelli after passing by the mud houses and the old Tellem village on the edge of the cliff. Before arrival you will visit the Dogon Tomb in Mali, which is the most marvelous spectacle in West Africa. Here once lived and prospered the old Dogon tribes in this area. The tombs are the most well-known and they are constructed in the high steep cliff, therefore it is hard to get close to them.
Day 5: Songho - Mopti
Today you will go to visit the rock frescoes in the famous Dogon religious caves in Songho. Then you will head to the water city Mopti along the river bank.
Day 6: Fulani
You will take a canoe which is exclusive in the local area to go and explore the Bozo fishing. Besides, you will also visit the Fulani villages built by the nomadic people.
Day 7: Djenne
Travel to Djenne today and you will have an all-day sightseeing of the places of interest there, especially the Great Mosque of Djenne, the largest building made of mud in the world.
Day 8: Timbuktu
You will fly to Timbuktu in the morning. Timbuktu is a famous historical city in Mali, which lies in the south border of the Sahara Desert. It is the center of Islamic education and culture. Since it locates in the line of important land and water communications, gold, ivory, slave and salt are all gathered here, gradually making it a rich city. It can be said that this magic city is a bright pearl in the desert, magnificent and spectacular. After arrival, you will go sightseeing in Timbuktu.
Day 9: Bamako
Fly back to Bamako today. Upon arrival, you will go to visit the Mali National Museum and learn about the Mali culture. Then some free time will be arranged for you go to the local markets and buy souvenirs you like for your friends as presents.
Day 10: Bamako
The whole day is free for you. You may tour around Bamako on your own, or just have a rest in the hotel.
Day 11: Departure from Mali
After breakfast, you will transfer to the airport and depart from Mali by air. This is the end of the marvelous tour of Mali.
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