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Kyrgyzstan Map

How to Plan Your Kyrgyzstan Tour?

Best Time to Visit: June - September
Major Cities for International Flights: Bishkek (capital), Osh
Visa: Kyrgyzstan has issued visa-free entry with up to 60 days for 44 countries, including most EU members, UK, USA, Canada, etc. Tourist E-visa can be obtained online also.
Money Tips: Som is the national currency in Kyrgyzstan. To exchange money in Bishkek or find an ATM, don't hesitate to ask your professional guide for help. Please keep your banknotes new and clean, or it is not exchangeable.
  • 3-5 Days
    Discover top tourist attractions around Issyk-Kul Lake by visiting fabulous Danxia landform in Canyon Fairy Tale, various rock formations in Jeti-Oguz Canyon, vibrant mountain forest and sandy beach in Cholpon Ata. You will learn why Issyk-Kul Lake got its name in Central Asia.
  • 6-10 Days
    Enjoy your Kyrgyzstan trips to Song Kul Lake (alt 3,016m) after a deep exploration around Issyk-Kul Lake. Stay in a lakeside yurt on the alpine pasture and get a splendid sunset view with horses grazing nearby.
  • 11 Days or More
    Start exploration about the Great Silk Road by visiting the Burana Tower near Bishkek and Tash Rabat in the southeast area. Along the trip, you travel through the Song Kul Lake. On the way back, perfect time for Issyk-Kul Lake discovery.

Trip Planning FAQs

How is the food in Kyrgyzstan?
The nomadic Kyrgyz eat cattle, sheep or horse meat, noodles and vegetables and drink tea and fermented horse milk. If you are a vegetarian, please inform us in advance and we will ask the guide to double check with the hosts at each destination about the vegan meal. Eat only hot and well-cooked meat and peel your fruit before eating.
Are there any special customs I should observe?
The Kyrgyz have lived a nomadic life for more than 2000 years and most of them profess Islam. Tourists should understand and follow their customs to avoid any trouble due to cultural differences. For example, using left hand in social activities is regarded as impolite. When you walk into a yurt or a house, remember to take off your shoes and wear a pair of clean slippers of your own. To enter mosques and churches, women need to use a scarf to cover the head and dress appropriately. Keep your hands off other people's hat.
Do I need any vaccination before tours to Kyrgyzstan?
It is not mandatory to be vaccinated while it is better to be get vaccines, such as Polio, Tetanus, Rabies, Diphtheria, Typhoid, and Hepatitis A. We recommend you to seek medical advice from doctors in the hospital or clinic about two months before departure.
What do I have to pack for Kyrgyzstan trips?
Traveling in Kyrgyzstan, you might go through hot sunny and cold rainy days at the same day. It is necessary to prepare things listed below:

Lightweight warm coat, warm sweater and trousers, hat, warm socks, windproof jacket, thermal underwear, swimsuit, walking shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent, rain gear, flashlight, toilet tissues, etc.
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