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South Korea Map

How to Plan Your South Korea Tour?

Best Time to Visit: All Year Round
Major Cities for International Flights: Seoul, Busan, Jeju Island
Visa: Travelers from 112 countries can enjoy visa exemption for up to 30-180 days, but all entrants with a visa waiver must apply for K-ETA (electronic travel authorization) and receive approval 72 hours prior to departure.
Money Tips: Credit cards and debit cards are acceptable by most of the shops, restaurants and scenic spots. But it will be more convenient to exchange some Korean Won since you will have chance to wander around different markets and try local food from vendors.
  • 5-6 Days
    Seoul is no doubt the best and the must-see places by providing the best tourism resources, from UNSCO Listed Gyeongbokgung Palace to DMZ demilitarized zone, from high-tech experience to local cuisine, as well as unparalleled shopping resources.
  • 7-9 Days
    Starting from Seoul, you can take a trip along southwest to Gongju, Daejeon, Jeonju, Suncheon. Or, travel to another direction is also a good choice, including Gyeongju, Andong and Busan along the southeast of South Korea.
  • 10 -12 Days
    If it's just a romantic and casual trip, then spend a few days in Jeju Island and Seoul. 12 days is enough to visit the major tourist cities and scenic spots throughout South Korea with a guided itinerary.

South Korea Travel Guide

Trip Planning FAQs

How can I arrange transfer from Incheon Airport to Seoul, by taxi or metro?
The best way is to take the AREX, a non-stop metro line taking 45 minutes to Seoul Station at the cost of KRW8000, where you can connect other transfer means to your hotel or your desired place.

Ordinary metro lines stops at each station and takes over one hour. While taxi is the most expensive with traffic on the way.

There are 31 airport bus routes passing by Myeong Dong, Hongik University and Dongdaemun. To get to Myeong Dong, the bus line 6015 is available, it starts operation at 5:25am(T2)/ 05:45am(T1) and ends at 22:55pm(T2)/ 23:15pm(T1). The bus ride takes about 1.5 hours at the cost of KRW 14000/10000 per person.

We would like to offer some other airport shuttle bus information for your reference:
Bus 6004 to Dongdaemun, 05:30/ 23:05(T1)/ 05:30/ 02:45(T2)
Bus 6002 to Cheongnyangni, 05:30/ 23:40(T1)/ 05:45/ 23:20(T2)
Bus 6020 to Gangnam-gu, 05:45/ 23:10(T1)/ 05:20/ 22:50(T2)
Bus 6030 to Itaewon, 06:55/ 22:50(T1)/ 06:35/ 22:30(T2)
Bus 6103 to Cexo, 05:55/ 23:30(T1)/ 05:35/ 23:30(T2)
Where to buy sim card?
Getting sim card is the best option for travelling in South Korea, which allows you to easily access to internet without seeking free Wi-Fi on the way.
For foreigners with passports, prepaid sim card packages can be bought at the airport, while the convenience stores in the city such as GS25, Emart24 and Daiso sell them at much more reasonable prices. After purchasing, sim cards and internet can be activated online. You may ask the tour guide or driver for help. If you have difficulty to do this, then get to operators’ direct-sale store.
What is the best time to travel?
South Korea has a temperate climate, each season has its own beauty.

The reluctant beginning of spring from March to May, it is getting warmer and flowers are everywhere. Cherry blossoms is in bloom at the end of March, everything is reviving.

It is hot and humid from June to September, high mountains and coastal areas are better choice for travelers, such as Haeundae and Jeju Island.
The landscape become vivid and active from September to November when maple leaves gradually change color, so an invigorating autumn climate can be the best for travel.

While winter is super for skiing, many winter activities can be arranged during this period.
Which App is helpful when travelling in South Korea?
Self-Check -- A mandatory app launched by the government to record travelers' health status for 14 days.

K-ETA -- Korea Electronic Travel Authorization, it is useful for travelers from visa free country. Travelers can apply for E-ETA and submit all relevant papers on this app at least 24 hours before boarding.

Papago -- The Naver Papago Translate is more accurate than google translate when using for Korea language.

Naver Map -- Used for locating places. By comparison, Google Maps is marginally useful in South Korea because of the lack of terrain data on foreign servers.

Korail Talk -- A brilliant app to book train tickets, English version is friendly to foreigners. While if you take part in our escorted tours, we will make the relevant reservations.

There are some other apps are useful, such as Subway Korea for public transportation, Kakao T for taxi service and Mango Plate for the locations of restaurants and cafes.
Do I need to bring a converter in South Korea?
South Korea’s voltage is 110V, 60Hz. Generally, hotels can use 220V and 110V power supply. Please take an adaptor in case of need.
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