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South Korea Tours

South Korea is an ideal tourism destination for travelers by boasting its picturesque natural sceneries and peculiar cultural and historical sites. Cities like Seoul, Pusan and Cheju Island are all the hot tourism cities in South Korea. Exploring the splendid catering culture of South Korea is also one of the most enjoyable things for tourists.

Tour Code: WT-Korea 05
6 Days Trip of South Korea: Seoul -- Jeju Island -- Busan -- Gyeongju

Departure: Daily
  • Day
    Seoul -- Jeju Island

    After arriving at Incheon International Airport, you will drive to Gimpo International and take a domestic flight to Jeju Island via Korean Air. During the remainder of the day, you could have a good rest at the hotel in Jeju Island.

  • Day
    Jeju Island

    After breakfast, you will set off for the Seongsan Sunrise Peak. Formed in the submarine volcanic eruption 100,000 years ago, the Seongsan Sunrise Peak is located at the eastern end of Jeju Island with a huge crater at the top. The summit offers an amazingly perfect sight of sunrise. Sopji cape, the next site, is situated at the end of the eastern coast of Jeju Island. It was originally known as Sopjikogi, with “sopji” as the name of the area in ancient times and “kogi” a Jeju dialect referring to the protruding terrain. Before lunch, you could visit the Urban Villages with Custom. Located at the foot of Mount Halla, the village has well preserved the traditional Korean custom and cultural heritages both tangible and intangible.

    After lunch, you will come to the first Teddy Bear theme museum in South Korea and then the Ripleys Believe It or Not! Museum. The latter museum, with an exaggerated and peculiar shape, holds a host of amazing collectibles around the world. The last attraction of this day is the Lotte World—a mysterious and secret garden lying at the southern coast of Jeju Island. It’s famous for the imitation of Dutch windmills.

  • Day
    Jeju Island -- Busan

    The first destination of today is Yongduam (Dragon Head Rock). The leading rock bears a resemblance of a dragon head, thus the name. When the tour ends, you will fly to Busan Airport, and then drive to Yongdusan Park in downtown. Its name originates from the fact that its range resembles a dragon surging into the sky from the ocean. The summit provides a birds-eye view of the prosperous downtown area as well as the vast sea.

    After lunch, you will pass by Kwangahn Bridge—the grandest offshore bridge in South Korea which cut across the ocean--and arrive at Nurimaru APEC House. Nurimaru APEC House, constituted by Korean “Nuri”(the world)?“Maru”(summit) and “APEC House”( a symbol of APEC conference hall),stands for the “home for APEC conference convening government heads around the world”. Then follows Haeundae—the most well-known bathing beach in the country. This day will be ended by the Beomeosa Temple--one of the most ancient and famous temples in South Korea.

  • Day
    Busan -- Gyeongju

    After breakfast, you are going to Gyeongju –the ancient capital city of South Korea. First come to Pulguksa, the largest, most exquisite as well as best known temple in South Korea, which was listed as one of the World Cultural Heritage on Dec. 1995. Then following Sokkuram is not only the No. 24 national treasure of South Korean but was designated as a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO. Cheomseongdae-observatory will be the next attraction. Being the oldest existing observatory in East Asia, it has been designated on December 20, 1962 as the No. 31 national treasure on Dec. 1962. After lunch, you will visit Musimcheon and Museum of Printing History of Gyeongju. This days visit will end with Onyangoncheon—a hot spring. Rich Radium in hot springs is said able to cure various diseases.

  • Day
    Gyeongju -- Seoul

    You will spend a whole day visiting Seoul—the capital of South Korea. Upon arrival, Chong Wa Dae will be the first stop. It is the present presidential office of South Korea but originally a palace of the Koryo Dynasty. Then visit the Gyongbokkung Palace which was the first main palace constructed under the order of Yi Song-gye Emperor of the Joseon Dynasty.

    After lunch, you will proceed to Namsan Park which contains Paljakjung (an octagonal pavilion), Bonghwadae (beacon mounds) dating back to the Joseon dynasty, and the Seoul Namsan Tower. On the tower, you could enjoy a panoramic view of Seoul. After dinner, you could enjoy the gorgeous night view of cheonggyecheon, which is praised to be the modern mracle of South Korea. This lake, having a 600-year history, has been buried for 47 years but finally revealed itself in 2005.

  • Day
    Departure from Seoul

    After breakfast, visit Gwanghwamun Plaza. Situated at the center of the capital city, it has been the landmark of Seoul for 600 years ever since the establishment of the Joseon Dynasty. Your South Korea tour will come to the end today. After lunch, you should depart for airport and take a flight back to home.