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How to Plan Your Iran Tour?

Best Time to Visit: Spring (March - May); Autumn (September - November)
Major Cities for International Flights: Capital Tehran (Imam Khomeini International Airport, IKA)
Visa: Most foreign travelers need a visa to enter Iran. Some nationalities can apply for the Airport Visa easily upon arrival, while others need to obtain a visa through local travel agency beforehand, which will take 4 to 6 weeks generally.
Money Tips: Forget ATMs and Credit Cards, you can only use cash when travelling in Iran.
  • 7-9 Days
    The middle part of Iran is the most popular region for the first-time visitors. Plan your Iran tours for one week of 7-9 days to cover the must-see cities, including Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd and Shiraz.
  • 10-12 Days
    As a cradle of the most ancient civilizations of the world, Iran has its unique charms of custom, culture, history and religion. Classic Iran tours in 10-12 days will take you to explore some hidden gems like Kashan, Abyaneh Village and Mesr Desert besides the major cities.
  • 14 Days or More
    Additionally, you could add the southeast city Kerman with the nearby Lut Desert in your Iran holiday packages. Moreover, the Qeshm Island of Persian Gulf, the Caspian Sea in the north as well as the holy city of Mashhad share more with its natural landscapes and historical heritage.

Trip Planning FAQs

What is the currency of Iran? Can I use my credit card?
Iranian Rial (IRR) is the official currency in Iran. But people use "Toman" instead of IRR in their daily life. 1 Toman = 10 Rails, when someone say "10", it means 10,000 Toman, that's 100,000 Rails.

Due to the sanctions, travelers can't use any international credit cards or debit cards while travelling in Iran, cash is the main method, US dollar, Euro and British Pound are acceptable and exchangeable.
How to apply for the Iranian Tourist Visa?
Almost all foreign tourists should obtain an Iranian Visa to enter the country. Sometimes the process can be stressful and frustrating. Good news is that your travel agency can help you with the visa application.

According to different nationality, it usually takes 4-6 weeks to handle the visa or even longer if you are travelling with American, British or Canadian passport. Please ensure you will have sufficient time to obtain the visa before departure.
What is the dress code when travelling in Iran?
It is necessary to obey the Islamic rules in Iran although these are not very strict especially for foreign tourists. Hereunder are some basic dress codes.

For Women:
Head: You should cover your hair in public, but it does not mean you have to wear a tight scarf. It is quite usual to remain some parts of your hair out of the cover.
Body: The upper body should be covered by loose clothes down to your knee and your back and arms should not be bare.
Legs: Legs should be covered to ankles, but feet can be bare. Tight jeans are acceptable.
Color: No limitation for colors.

For Men: Dress code for men is quite simple. Long or short shirts (T-shirts) with trousers are the common dress. But you should avoid shorts and no sleeveless vests.
Can I drink alcohol in Iran?
No, alcohol is illegal in Iran. You cannot drink alcohol or any alcoholic beverage according to the law. There are local beer with alcoholic-free, try it if you are interested.
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