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Hukou Waterfalls

Hukou Waterfalls, China

45 kilometers (28 miles) west of Ji County in Shanxi Province, Hukou Waterfalls is the largest yellow waterfall in the world.

Legend has it that during the Yao and Shun (legendary tribal leaders in Chinese history) eras, the area of Pingyang County (Linfen City today) in Shanxi Province often suffered from disastrous floods. This was because the water of the Yellow River was blocked by Mt. Mengmenshan when arriving at Hukou. Yao assigned Yu, minister of public works, to control the flooding. After making a careful study of the landform, Yu decided to dredge the water channels and selected Mt. Mengmenshan as the starting point.

Spectacular Hukou Waterfalls is the representative landscape of the Yellow River. When the mighty river flows through Shanxi Province, it reaches a narrow stone valley at Hukou. The 300-meter-wide (328 yards) torrent of the Yellow River is abruptly constricted to about 50 meters wide. The water turns turbulent, begins to surge and roar, like water boiling in a huge pot (hence it is also named 'kettle spout falls'). Rushing down from cliffs over 20-meter-high (66 feet) to a 30-meter-wide (33 yards) rocky chute, the water sounds like ten thousand horses galloping. About 3000 meters down the fall, an enormous rock divides the river into two. Water churns and thunders around this rock until it reaches the bottom of the valley. Huge waves throw up spouts reaching up to tens of meters. Mists and fog swirl around, rising like smoke.

Hukou Waterfalls is also known as 'boat sailing on dry-land'. Throughout the ages, boats have to dock and be carried around Hukou on land before they can continue sailing.

Spring and autumn are the best times to visit Hukou Waterfalls. In spring, the wild peach trees are in full bloom and the frozen ice on the cliffs has melted. Profiled against the pink peach blossoms, the waterfalls take on a unique charm. In autumn, after the rainy season, a large number of springs and streams converge. When fitful winds blow over the surface, colorful rainbows often appear. During this time, the width of the waterfalls can reach up to about a thousand meters (1094 yards). Huge waves with swirling bubbles rush down with power and grandeur.

During the coldest days of the year, the magnificent Hukou Waterfalls is clad in white. The water rushes down among icicles of various sizes and shapes, stirring up masses of water fog. In the sun, the mists from the fog form beautiful rainbows, with the icicles forming what appears to be a natural ice bridge underneath. Looking at the picturesque scene, one cannot help but marvel at the work of nature.

Many other natural and historic landscapes have also been open to visitors in the areas of Hukou Waterfalls: scenic spots like Great Wall of the Qing Dynasty, Dressing Table, Moon Night of Mengmen and Ancient Battery.

take a train from Beijing, Taiyuan, Xian, Chengdu or other big cities to Linfen City, then transfer to a bus that goes to the falls; or go from Ji County or Yichuan County of Shanxi Province by bus to the falls.

Best Time to Visit
October is the best time to visit. It is wise to bring a warm coat since the weather may be cold then.

Admission Fee:
CNY 60