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How to Plan Your France Tour?

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Best Time to Visit: April to October
Major Cities for International Flights: Paris (capital), Nice
Visa: It is not required for "Schengen" country citizens. The United States, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Venezuela and several other countries can also enter the Schengen area without a visa for tourism or business purpose. France Embassy
Money Tips: The French currency is the EURO and is around 1 Euro to 1.35 USD. Visa and Master cards can be used in almost all over France, but American Express or other international cards in a number of places.
  • 3-5 Days
    For France tour packages within 5 days, travelers can visit the major highlights in Paris with perhaps an excursion to Versailles or Champagne to round off the trip.
  • 6-9 Days
    A northern France tour covers top highlights of Paris, Loire Valley castles and Normandy D-Day's Beaches. Or take a southern France tour to the Provencal villages and the Mediterranean coast with stops in Marseille and Calanques National Park, and the sunny French Riviera.
  • 10 Days or More
    Explore France more deeply from north to south through the mountains, vineyards, coastline, and cities of this remarkably versatile country, or extend to the Principality of Monaco as well.
Insider Tips for Traveling in France
France, the most romantic country in the world, is always a dream destination for travelers. However, it may greatly surprise you that like the charming scenery of France, thieves there are also famous. According to the data analysis, Paris, Rome, and Barcelona are the top three European cities with the high pickpocket rates. Due to the serious pickpocketing problem in Paris, the voice broadcasts in subways are also in different languages of French, English, Chinese, and Japanese, reminding passengers to take good care of their personal belongings. Especially, when you hear that they repeat several times to remind, it is certain thieves are somewhere around.

Traveling in France, we kindly remind you to pay more attention to any crowded places in popular attractions, transportation hubs, and commercial streets. The moving crowds will make pickpockets easier and invisible. Here we would like to share with you some theft prevention and safety tips:

● Avoid carrying too much cash and valuables. Keep them in your hotel safe. Don’t take passport with you unless necessary. Better to use photocopy.
● Refuse anyone who asks you to conduct a survey or sign a petition, and keep away from the ones who would give you a free bracelet. These are all scams. Some are young ladies and some are children.
● Better to carry a low-profile canvas bag or waist bag, or wear backpack on the front. Keep important items like cash, credit card separate, close to your body or in the compartment of the bag.
● Recommend to buy an anti-fall cross-body rope for your phone. Hold your bag and phone well the moment you get on a bus or metro, and don’t stand by the door.
● Always keep your belongings in sight in open-air cafés or restaurants.

Travel is always a wonderful thing. We hope you will enjoy your time in France!

Trip Planning FAQs

How to get around France?
Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and Nice Cote D'Azur Airport are the two major international airports in France, for entries and departures. France’s train network is widespread and runs frequently, so it is a fantastic way to travel within the country. You are advised to book the train tickets in advance, the earlier, the more you save! Also it is quite convenient to get metro, buses and taxis in cities, and Uber is available throughout the country. If you take a private guided holiday package to France, the guide and transfer service will be arranged.
How about the voltage and plugs in France?
Electricity is supplied at 220 to 230V 50Hz. Travelers from the US, Canada, Japan and other countries using 110V, 60Hz may need a voltage converter. Travelers from the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland and other countries using 230V 50Hz which use different plugs simply require a plug adaptor for their electrical appliances in France.
Is cheap wine equal to bad wine in France?
In some countries, it is widely believed that you get what you pay for. In France, however, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how cheap the wine is. So you do not have to splash out at the restaurant to get something drinkable, sometimes the house wine in the barrel, delivered from the vineyard to the road, can be a very pleasant experience!
What is the traditional French food?
A very traditional French set meal has thirteen courses, and tends to have three parts for a meal: an appetizer (sometimes soup), a main course (steak and French fries), and a dessert or cheese afterwards.
Any tipping suggestion for France tours?
In France, tax and service charge will be included in the bill, and tipping isn't mandatory. Leaving a small tip is a courtesy if you are satisfied with the service.
The amount is up to you, usually 20 cents for coffee, and 1-2 Euros or more for high-end restaurants or even Michelin restaurants.
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