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Armenia Map

How to Plan Your Armenia Tour?

Best Time to Visit: Spring (March to May); Autumn (September to November).
Major Cities for International Flights: Yerevan (the capital), Gyumri
Visa: Citizens of 63 countries can stay without visa up to 180 days, including America, Australia, Brazil, British, Germany, Italy, and etc.. Citizens of 69 countries can apply e-visas or visa upon arrival such as Canada, Mexico, Philippines and etc.
Money Tips: Dram (ADM) is the official currency of Armenia. ATM is not very common outside of Yerevan, so you are suggested to bring more cash when you travel.
  • 2-3 Days
    Lake Sevan, Dilijan and Garni Temple are the must-see spots in Armenia. If you have only 2 or 3 days, these three sites are recommended. Lake Sevan is famous for its picturesque scenery and surrounding monasteries.Dilijan, reputed as “little Switzerland”, is the art center of Armenia. Garni temple is the only Greek style temple in Armenia.
  • 4-5 Days
    In addition to the spots mentioned above, Tatev Monastery is also worth a visit. You could take the “Wings of Tatev” Ropeway to overlook the Caucasus Mountain. Besides, Zvartnots Temple, a monument of the local architecture, could be also added to your itinerary.
  • 5 Days or More
    If your time permits, you could go the second largest city – Gyumri, which is the cultural center of Armenia. In this city, traditional architectures are well preserved and historical monuments, museums, churches can be seen everywhere. If you are interested, you could also add Georgia or Azerbaijan into your plan to have a multi-country tour.

Trip Planning FAQs

How to travel around Armenia?
Most cities in Armenia can be reached by bus or taxi. The main attractions are not far away from Yerevan. Rending a car or booking a tour with a travel agency is the first choice for most foreign travelers. There are also flights and trains available, but neither is popular.
Are there any special customs I should observe?
The Armenian people are warm-hearted and friendly and you are very welcomed to visit this country, but there are still a few things you should be aware of when you come to this country.

1. Armenia is a Christian country and travelers should show respect to their religion
2. Talking loudly and wearing shorts or tank-top in church are considered inappropriate.
3. You should avoid discussing political issues involving Turkey and Azerbaijan.
Do I need to tip at the restaurant?
Yes. Tips are a waiter's main or sometimes only income, so please don’t forget to tip your waiter when you finish your meal.
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