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Top Destinations in Jordan


Situated on the top of seven mountains, Amman is hailed as “the city of seven mountains”. It is a city where numerous historical sites and modern edifices meet, such as Roman Theater, Hussein Medical City and National Museum.

Citadel is the most renowned historical site of Umayyad Caliphate, consisting of Temple of Hercules, Omayyad Palace, and Byzantine Church. It used to be the stronghold and is the commanding point in Amman, from which tourists can have a panoramic view.


Aqaba is strategically meaningful for it is the only harbor in Jordan. It enjoys high reputation on beach vacation and upscale hotels. With deep water and smooth wave, even in winter the average temperature is above 59℉(15℃), suitable for aquatic sports. Coral reefs are in magnificent colors, among which colorful fishes swim, such as clown fish, Picasso tiger fish and parrot fish. Whale sharks and eels which act swiftly and wittingly can also be seen. Tourists can take a glass boat to appreciate the underwater world or dive among reefs and fishes, which surely will be a surprise in the trip. They can choose to stay overnight in the Bedouin Camp in suburb where tea, Arabian coffee and Bedouin foods are offered.


With the decoration in Greek and Roman style, Jerash combines eastern and western architectural styles. Its complex, religions and language all reflect Greek and Roman culture as well as the old tradition of the east Arab. Hadrian Triumph Arch, Zeus Temple, ancient Greek Arena and the Colonnade Street are well preserved in Jerash.


Madaba is the city with the most varieties of mosaic inlays which make it known as “the city of mosaic”. The most famous historical relic is the Middle East map embedded in mosaic in St. George Orthodox Church, which is the extant oldest one in the world. Madaba has long enjoyed a good reputation for its traditional hand-made carpets. Most mosaic articles are with a history of 1,400 years and the messages on them are fairly vivid, recording the daily life of hunting and farming and plots of myths.

Mount Nebo is one of most sacred places, and it is said that the prophet Moses saw the Promised Land from the mountain. The top of the mountain stands a monument of Moses and a Byzantine Church built in the 3rd or 4th century.

Must-see Attractions in Jordan


Petra used to be the capital of Nabataean, and has been classified as the world cultural heritage in possession of hundreds of ancient buildings, tombs, bathhouses, sacristies, temples, streets lined with pillars as well as stone reliefs. The old city was ruled by Rome, Byzantium and Islamic empire, hence historical remains in various styles are left. All the edifices were carved from rose rocks, thus it is called the “Rose City”. Tourists can enter the city through Siq, a narrow canyon passage about 1 km (0.6 mile) long. When tourists reach the end, Al-Khazneh, also called “treasury” can be seen.

Petra Night Performance is available on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tourists are supposed to gather in the tourist center at 8pm and go inside together. Both sides of Siq are set with candle lights and the performances in the square last 50 minutes and end at about 10pm.

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum, also known as “the Valley of the Moon” is the most magnificent desert landscape in the country. It is a typical sandy desert, quiet and serene like the surface of the moon. A series of desert landscapes including narrow valleys, arches, steep cliffs, rampways, giant landslides and caves can be found here.

The Dead Sea

Jordanians regard the Dead Sea as a natural mineral sanitarium for its seawater replete with mineral substances. The Dead Sea attracts countless tourists including Herod the great Rome and Egyptian queen Cleopatra. It is alluring to keep afloat without effort. Tourists can apply a thick layer of the Dead Sea silt to their body, which is said to be functionally protective. Body scrub and bath salt are good choices as souvenirs. There are many upscale holiday resorts offering massage and unique fango therapy.

Recreational Activities in Jordan


Tourists can relax to their hearts’ content at seaside holiday resorts in Aqaba. Aqaba is assembled with first-class diving sites and clubs. Diving center provides tourists with various devices for sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, swimming and surfing. Tourists are able to dive in the most beautiful and well preserved coral reefs or appreciate marine organisms in the glass boat. Colorful marine organisms living in the Red Sea include more than 1,000 kinds of fishes and over 200 corals. Turtles and dolphins occasionally hide in the reefs to surprise tourists.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is the most popular sport in Wadi Rum, and continuous tourists come here to challenge the cliffs. Tourists can also take a helicopter or a hot air balloon to the peak of Wadi Rum or around Petra.

Hot Spring Bath
Hammamat Ma’in in the vicinity of the Dead Sea appeals to thousands of tourists annually to feel the hot spring and hot spring waterfall replete with mineral substances. Professional services like mud therapy, hydraulic hot spring bath, underwater massage, facial mud dressing, electrotherapy and facial are provided.


Hiking lovers can enjoy the silence and expanse in Wadi Rum, explore the valley and swags and seek the rock painting 4,000 years ago as well as treasures hidden in the spacious wilderness. Horse riders can spend several days experiencing the road which transport seasonings, silks and spices.

Jordan Food

Tourists won’t want to miss the national food Mansaf. The cook boils the lamb in yogurt, seasons the food with vanilla and spices, scatters almonds and pine nuts and finally serves the food with rice. Jordanians cook this dish for hours and enjoy the food by hand. This dish is considered the highest respect for guests and friends.

Another typical cuisine is lamb stuffed with rice, chopped onion and nuts. Snacks like falafel are also popular. Halawa is a box of dessert made of sesame paste and sugar, and it is sliced while eating. Some halawa contains nutlets and has various flavors. Kibbeh, similar to meatballs, is stuffed with chopped mutton, beef and onion and roasted in the shell made of wheat. Tabbouleh is made by chopped parsley mixed with tomatoes, grain, onion and lemon juice.

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