Transportation in Oman

Oman has a relatively sound transportation. The country can be reached by air, sea, and road. After visitors arrive in Oman, they can travel around by air, bus, taxi, or chartered car. Currently, there is no train service in Oman, but some railways are planned to connect the major cities in the country, even connect with adjacent countries such as UAE and Yemen.

How to Get to Oman


There are two international airports in Oman: Seeb International Airport and Salalah International Airport.

Seeb International Airport, an important aviation transportation hub in the country, is located about 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) from the Old Muscat city. It mainly operates flights to/from over 40 international cities such as Guangzhou, London, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Delhi, Lahore, Paris, Karachi, Cairo, Mumbai, Kathmandu, Riyadh, Colombo, Bahrain, Islamabad, Doha, Dubai, Zurich, and Istanbul.

Salalah International Airport, located on the Salalah Coastal plains, is about 5.5 kilometers (3.4 miles) from the city center. This airport operates direct flights to/from over 15 international cities including Sharjah, Kochi, Kozhikode, Milan, Dubai, Doha, Taif, Sohar, Izmir, Katowice, Islamabad, Lahore, Warsaw, and Wroclaw.


Sultan Qaboos Port, previously called Mina Qaboos, is the largest port in Muscat, Oman. It was used for commercial operations before 2014, but now it is used for tourism purpose. Passengers can take cruise ships to Oman through Sultan Qaboos port.


Visitors can also enter Oman by road. A highway connecting Muscat and Dubai via Sujar is in operation at present. Thus, tourists need to go to Dubai first, and then take coaches there to enter the border of Oman. Besides, a highway connecting Saudi Arabia with Oman is under construction now.

How to Travel Around


There are four airports serving the public in Oman: Muscat Airport, Salalah Airport, Sujar Airport and Khasab Airport. These airports operate domestic flights to major cities in the country. Tourists can make a quick flight transfer inside Oman.

Public Buses

Public buses are available in Muscat and other major cities in the country. These buses are clean and well-run, providing a comfortable means to travel around the city. Buses usually cost less than taxi, which is a preferable choice for foreign tourists.


Traveling by taxi is another common way to travel around when visiting Oman. Usually, taxis don't run meters, so tourists are advised to inquire about the fare before taking a taxi. The securest way is to ask the locals or the hotels how much it will cost to reach the destination by taxi. It is usually advised to use the Abu Hamed al Balushi taxi company because of its good services and advanced GPS systems. In order to avoid language barrier, tourists can ask the hotel receptionist to call a taxi for them.

Rental Cars

Visitors can also rent a car to travel on their own, which will be quite convenient, while drivers should hold international driver licenses. The major cities in Oman have a relatively sound transportation system, but small cities are usually located in hilly areas and the roads are rugged. When going out at night, tourists also need to watch out carefully in case that animals haunt around.

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