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WT-Miami 03:7-Day Cruise Tour of Georgetown - Cockburn Town - Rum Cay - Clarence Town
  • Day
    Georgetown - Cockburn Town

    Leave Georgetown early by the Southern Entrance and head east towards the tip of Cape Sta. Maria, then on past Conception Island until you reach San Salvador. Anchor off Cockburn Town, on the lee side of the island or tie up at Riding Rock Marina which now has 7 slips. We believe the controlling depth to enter the harbour is now 6.5 feet at low water. The anchorage is not that great so if you can get into the marina so much the better. There is a range to guide you in. Arrive early.

  • Day
    Cockburn Town

    Spend the day here. On San Salvador you can check out all the important Columbian stops such as the simple white cross that marks Columbus landing place and the impressive monument on the other side of the island. Spend the day here. The sheer historical significance is awesome.

  • Day
    Cockburn Town - Rum Cay

    Leave early and head southwest to Rum Cay, this island was originally named Santa Maria de la Concepcion by Columbus and was his second stop in the "Indies". Be careful entering the reef, its pretty shallow, but there are usually some white markers. You can stay at Sumner Point Marina or simply anchor out behind the reef, go ashore in the dinghy and have a few beers at Tobys Bar or Kays. Not much going on here except for some excellent diving on the wreck of the HMS Conqueror and about 60 wonderful Bahamian people to chat with.

  • Day
    Rum Cay - Clarence Town

    Leave early and head southwest to Clarence Town on Long Island, Long Island was named Fernandina by Columbus although he bypassed this harbour on his way down, its definitely worth a visit. You can either tie up at the Flying Fish Marina or anchor out in the lee of Strachan Cay. Be careful going in and out of this harbour in a blow. Just as a note of interest, when Columbus left Rum Cay, he headed basically west to Cape Santa Maria and around the Cape to Calabash Bay where he anchored. You can rent a small car or moped in Clarence Town and visit this area including Stella Maris Resort and Marina. There are two magnificent old churches in Clarence Town, these are St. Pauls Anglican Church and St. Peters Catholic Church, both designed by Father Jerome an architect and religious figure well known and respected in the Bahamas.

  • Day
    Clarence Town - French Wells

    Leave early and head east to Bird Rock on Crooked Island. (Columbus named this island Isabela, after the Queen of Spain). Head south down the lee shore of Crooked Island to French Wells where the Admiral anchored, traded and ate a few "Hutias" the original rodent-like fauna of the Bahamas. Anchor in the lee of Gun Point and if youre a fisherman, do go after the fattest bone fish and the meanest Tarpon.

  • Day
    French Wells - Calabash Bay

    Leave extra early, head north back towards Long island and Cape Sta. Maria. Go around the Cape and anchor in Calabash Bay. This was Columbus third stop after San Salvador and Rum Key. Relax on your last day before heading back to George Town.

  • Day
    Calabash Bay - GeorgeTown Exit

    Head due west towards George Town and enter the harbour using the Southern Entrance.