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WT-Zimbabwe 01:6 Days Tour of Zimbabwe: Harare - Victoria Falls - Zambia - Botswana
  • Day
    Arrival in Harare

    You will arrive in Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe by air. Harare, where the government locates, is seated in northeast plateau. It is the country’s political, economic, cultural, and financial center and also the land and air transportation hub. Upon arrival, you will have a bird’s eye view in the Secco becky mountain, the zero starting point of Harare. After lunch, you will appreciate the Unity Square, the symbol of Africans regaining their power, and Sculpture Park etc.

  • Day
    Harare - Victoria Falls

    In the morning, you will take the flight to the world famous place of interest, the Victoria Falls. From the airport to the downtown, you will travel through the Victoria national wildlife refuge with 20 kilometers long. During this journey, you may have a chance to encounter the elephant, antelope, and orangutan. After lunch, you can get a glimpse at the noted Victoria Falls. You are going to admire the Devil Fall, Main Falls, Rainbow Falls, Riding boots waterfall and the Oriental waterfall in turn. In the evening, dancing and singing show featured with Primitive African amorous feelings will take on in front of us.

  • Day

    Zambia will be your destination in the morning. Going across the fall bridge which is the link of Zimbabwe and Zambia, walking along the sharp mountain surrounded by tropical rain forest with the length of about 1 kilometer, you will have a special view on the falls to admire the magnificent scenery. After that, you will pay a visit to the primitive people, meet the tribe chief with gifts and see the refined traditional manual woodcarving in Trees Village. What’s more, when you are taking the unique cruise ship to enjoy the delicious meal, you can admire the magnificent scene on African savannah with wild animals showing up and disappearing in the jungle.

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    You will take the bus to Botswana to see the Botswanas Chobe National Park. Botswanas Chobe National Park is located in the border of four countries (Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia) in Africa. It is also the largest wild life reserve in Botswana where you can have the opportunity to witness the scene of lion preying on the wild animals, herds of elephants playing in the water, antelope galloping in the wilderness. Hippo, crocodile, rhinoceros, Bison, Swan and eagle will be seen everywhere, bring you a feast of African amorous feelings. In the afternoon, you will go yachting on the Chobe River to enjoy the fantastic scenery and vibrant animals. You will amuse yourselves until dusk.

  • Day

    Based on the schedule, you are going to tour around the Victoria Falls hotel built in 1905. In this five star hotel characterized with British colonial style, you will get the chance to closely admire the Victoria Falls, the fall bridge and the flowed Zambezi in all aspects. After that, you will fly back to Harare and then check into the hotel.

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    Departure from Harare

    Balancing Rocks Park will be your last stop of the whole journey. This park is famous for its grotesque rocks in shape. Among the rocks, the stone boat form has become one of Zimbabwe’s symbols with its extraordinary charm. It is widely known and has been painted on the note. After that, you will go to the airport and leave Harare by plane.