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Our Clients' Testimonials

The following feedback and reviews are from our valued clients who traveled China with us. WarriorTours.com Team is grateful for the permission of the following guests to publish their comments and some clients' contact information. Please feel free to contact them directly with your questions or comments, or you can email us and we put you in touch. Our sales team wishes you have a good time with our honest and personalized services.

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Client's information:

  • Name: Mr. G. Dennis Rains and Ms. Mary Shepard Rains
  • From: Kutztown, Pennsylvania, US
  • Email: rains@kutztown.edu
  • Itinerary: 14-Day Luxury Tours of Xian - Guilin - Yangshuo - Guilin -Chongqing - Yangtze River Cruise - Yichang - Shanghai


We were back to our country soon and felt pleasant time always fly fast. We were really unwilling to end our China tirp and will always treasure up this memory.

Regarding your following-up E-mail, we were happy to say we were very satisfied with all our guides, the drivers, our tour counsellor and the trip as a whole. Your excellect service really impressed us deeply.

We will use your services again for your next China tirp and definitly recommend you to our friends!


Dennis Rains

Client's information:

  • Name: Mr. Gilbert E. Metcalf, Ms. Rebecca Winborn, Mr. Alvin Eliot Roth, Ms. Emilie Matarasso Roth, Mr. Aaron Leon Roth and Benjamin Nathaniel Roth
  • From: US
  • Email: aroth@hbs.edu
  • Itinerary: 2-Day China Luxury Tours of Xian


We were very delight with our China tour packages and your organization made our stay at your country enjoyable.

Following are our short comments on your service.

The Cantonese lunch in Xian was excellent. We were very impressed with that meal. The last meal at the airport was adequate. We understand that we were eating there because it would be too difficult to have dinner in town and then get to the airport in time for our flight. But if another dining opportunity closer to the airport were available, that might be preferable.

We thought our guide did a very good job. Julia was very knowledegable and conscientious about her work. We have high praise for her.

The bus used for our group worked out very well.

All in all we were very impressed with the service of your agency.

Thank you,

Emilie Roth

Client's information:

  • Name: Mr. Damian Alexander Ferguson and Ms. Julie-anne Ashton
  • From: AU
  • Itinerary: 13-Day Luxury China Tours of Beijing - Xian - Chengdu - Guilin - Yangshuo - Guilin - Shanghai

Hi Michael & Lynne,

We are more than happy to provide you with feedback on our recent China tour. Thanks for your excellect organization to begin with.

The meals we most enjoyed were the Beijing lunch at Auspicious Business Hotel as well as the lunch served at Chiang Nan Mansion.

We were particularly impressed by both our Beijing guide (Newman Liu) & our Shanghai guide (Rae). Their level of knowledge and service attitude were outstanding and we would recommend them to anyone. Whilst our other guides in Xian, Ghengdu & Guilin were enthusiastic and displayed good service attitude.

We were happy with the service attitude of all our drivers and their cars were always very clean.

At this point in time we have not downloaded any of our holiday photos... however once we do we will email through a few for your website.

Thanks & regards

Julie-anne & Damian

Client's information:

  • Name: Ms. Susan G. Taigman and Mr. Wayne Vandenberg
  • From: US
  • Itinerary: 11-Day Luxury China Tours of Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Yangshuo -Guilin - Shanghai

Hello Frieda/Hebe

Thank you for everything you do - you are excellent at your jobs.My responses to your questions are provided below each question in your email below.

We very much enjoyed the dumpling meal in Xian. The food in Xian was much better than what we had in Beijing. We loved fresh bamboo shoots and fried green beans. Wayne did enjoy the Peking Duck, but it was not as good as what he had on his prior trip to China.

All the guides were great - smiled, lots of knowledge, very professional. Du in Beijing was wonderful - very professional, very high standards, interacted a lot with us, gave us shopping advice (like what we might consider) without telling us what to do or recommending certain vendors. Tracy in Xian was good while she was guiding us, but did not interact much in the car. Tony in Guilin was very enthusiastic, although his energy wore on me after a while. Sometimes I felt like he thought he knew better what I wanted than I did.

All the drivers were good, courteous, timely arrivals.

We were very impressed that there was always someone greeting us when we arrived at the airport and how the drivers were always there to pick us up wherever we were on the tour.

We were very impressed with the correspondence before the trip - very timely responses, very flexible in meeting our needs, very clear communication. This up front interaction leaves a very, very positive impression of Warrior Tours. It was nice to meet Frieda in Xian.

We found Warrior Tours to be a good value for the money. We know our China trip would not have been the same if we tried to do it on our own. Thanks for making our China experience memorable.

Best, Sue

Client's information:

  • Name: Mr. Peter Leyland and Ms. Susannah Elizabeth Leyland
  • From: Maids Moreton, GB
  • Itinerary: 5-Day Luxury Yangtze River Tours of Yichang - Yangtze River Cruise - Chongqing

Dear Dora and Ruby

Thanks for your organization and our China tour went smoothly.

We were happy with the Chinese / European buffet menu offered for breakfast and lunch on Century Star. My husband's daughter (who lives in Beijing) commented that the Chinese would have considered the evening meals superb. Our best meal was the evening buffet and the hotel in Yichang - complete with guitarist and pond with floating flowers.

The local guides from Centuary Star (we had 3) were excellent, and had local knowledge of the particular place we visited. Nan, who took us round Chongqing, deserves a special mention as being outstanding.The cars to and from the airport, were driven very well.

We enjoy our trip to China, thanks.

Bet wishes

Sue and Peter Leyland

Client's information:

  • Name: Ms. Mary Fannette Welton and Ms. Janet Florence Rope
  • From: US
  • Email: janet.rope@hq.dodea.edu
  • Itinerary: 9 Days China Tours of Beijing - Xian - Shanghai


I wanted to let you know that overall our China trip was just wonderful. The arrangements, food, and guides for Beijing and Xian were excellent. There is something wrong with our Shanghai guide while it won't influence our whole impression on the China tour. The first two guides were very special. I would recommend your company to my friends.

Thanks to your agencey for a great China experience.


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