Top 8 Things to Do in Delhi

Delhi is the capital of India. There still has many important historical sites in old Delhi, while New Delhi is a symbol of India's modernization. There are many fun things to do in Delhi; the following is 8 top things to do in Delhi we recommended.

1. Visit Red Fort

Red Fort, Delhi

Red Fort is located in the old city of eastern Delhi, India, next to Yamuna River. It was the imperial palace during the Mughal Empire. Red Fort is a typical Mughal-style Islamic building, named after its reddish brown color. More than 500-year-old Red Fort is a good place to learn about Indian history and culture, hence visiting it has been a top thing to do in Delhi. The glorious past of this castle has witnessed the mighty Mughal dynasty, and it embodies the infinite memory of Shah Jahan, the fifth emperor of the dynasty, for his beloved wife Taj Mahal.

2. Visit Gateway of India - Boundary of New and Old Delhi

Gateway of India

The Gateway of India is located at the Apollo Bunder in Mumbai. Facing the Mumbai Bay, it is an arch integrating the architectural features of Indian and Persian cultures. It is a landmark building in India. It is 26 meters high and looks like the Arc de Triomphe in France. It was built to commemorate the visit of George V and Queen Mary to India. It is one of the important tourist attractions in India.

3. Shop India Specialties and Dress up with Traditional Indian Costumes

Buy India Specialties

There are many local markets with very distinctive characteristics in Delhi. If you want to buy souvenirs, the modern shopping centers like Connaught Place and Select Citywalks can provide you with brand handicrafts and traditional clothing of high quality and fashionable design. Khan Market is the most popular place for western tourists, and Hauz Khas village has the largest number of literary youths. You can go there and visit designer shops with excellent design and quality. In addition, you can go to Dilli Haat, a traditional handicraft market set up by the government, and get exotic souvenirs from all over India at a low price, which is absolutely attractive. You can ask the clerk to help you put on a sari and wander the streets of Delhi.

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4. Close Contact with "Bollywood"

Bollywood in India

Bollywood is India's largest film industry, featuring the brilliant and dynamic singing and dancing in movies. Its representative films include "Dom za vesanje", "Caravan", "3 idiots", etc. Although the real Bollywood is in Mumbai, thousands of miles away from Delhi. If you are interested in Indian singing and dancing but do not have time to visit there, you can get over it by watching movies in Delhi's luxury cinemas or taking a Bollywood dance experience class.

5. Listen to Sanskrit Sounds in Ancient Temples

Sikh Temple, Delhi

As a religious holy land, visiting the old temples is a top thing to do in Delhi. In sacred religious places, remote and penetrating religious singing can better help you feel the spiritual charm of ancient Indian culture. Chant of al-Sufiyyah is the magic voice of the altar in Dargah Hazrat Nizamuddin, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib's live performance and Laxmi Narayan Mandir's singing are worth listening to while visiting these destinations.

6. Join the Celebration Teams in Streets for Festivals or Weddings and Have Fun

Holi Festival, India

Most Indian festivals are concentrated from October to March each year, such as Dussehra, Diwali, Holi celebrations and Kite Festival. People will play musical instruments and revel in the streets. You can join them boldly if you are warmly invited by the local people. December to February is the most popular time for local people to hold weddings. If you meet with a well-dressed crowd or a noisy procession, it is better for you to slow down and enjoy the happiness with them.

7. Taste Authentic Indian Delicacies

India Food

If you think India only has curry, then you are wrong. Tasting authentic Indian cuisine with rich Masala spices should be a top thing to do in Delhi. As the capital, you can enjoy Indian food everywhere in Delhi. It is not difficult to choose an Indian style restaurant with clean environment and first-class quality. Delhi is the best choice to eat all the delicious food in India.

8. Enjoy a Performance at India's National Cultural Center

Enjoy a Performance in India

Free cultural activities are held almost every day in India Habitat Center, including exhibitions, folk dances, classical dances, concerts and lectures. The Qutab cultural festival sponsored by the Delhi Tourism Bureau brings together outstanding artists from all over the world and is a wonderful stage to watch contemporary and traditional Indian songs and dances. After visiting ancient sites, you may as well come to these places to get close contact with the splendid Indian traditional culture.