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WT-Switzerland 03:7 Days Tour of Switzerland: Zurich - Lucerne - Interlaken - Vaduz - St. Morirz - Engadin Valley - Tirano - Lugano - Bellinzona - Titlis - Jungfraujoch - Geneva
  • Day
    Arrival in Switzerland

    Take a flight to Switzerland. Switzerland, with abundant tourism resources, is one of the richest, the most developed and highest live standard countries. Upon arrival, you will transfer to check in the hotel.

  • Day
    Zurich - Vaduz - St. Morirz - Engadin Valley

    The morning tour will begin with the visit in the downtown area of Zurich. Here you will see the longest shopping avenue in Europe---Bahnhofstrsse, Fraumunster and the theater, then walk along the Lake Zurich. You will be indulged in its beautiful scenery, enjoying the peace and grace of Lake Zurich. After that, you will travel to Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein which is a tiny country in Europe. Liechtenstein is famous for stamps thus become the paradise of stamp collectors. There is only one street from north to south in Vaduz. In the afternoon, you will see an ancient palace on the mountainside and also visit the Stamp Museum. Later, you will drive to a special town St. Morirz which has a combined traditional cultural atmosphere of Italy, German and Romani. Here you can take an old carriage or walk leisurely in the town to appreciate its unique pattern decorated houses, the first streetlight in Switzerland, the first hotel, and St. Morirz Leaning Tower built in 12th century. After the visit, you will move on to Engadin Valley.

  • Day
    Engadin Valley - St. Morirz - Tirano - Lugano

    In the morning, you can walk along the meandering and long path in the quiet forest to feel, explore and appreciate nature. Then drive to St. Morirz and take the Bernina Express to Tirano. Bernina Express drives through the Alps to Italy. It has an altitude of 1,828 meters from the mountain pass to its destination Tirano. From the window you can see the ever-changing scenery from grassland, bush wood in Alps to the lakeside full of an atmosphere of the South. And the best thing which deserves praise is that there are only few tunnels during the trip so that you can enjoy the splendid scenery while the train going through the Alps directly. After arrival, you will drive to Lugano, an Italian-speaking city in Switzerland. The whole city is particularly clean since cars are not allowed to drive in the city. The majority buildings in the city are of Italian style which makes you feel as if you were in a town in Italy. Having a walk in it, tourists will be attracted by its beautiful scenery, Mediterranean climate and leisure environment.

  • Day
    Lugano - Bellinzona - Lucerne

    Drive to Bellinzona, an ancient city in Middle Ages, to visit the Castle Grande which is one of the three ancient castles enrolled in the world cultural heritage. It is said that the unique two-tower style castle was built in 13th century, but according to the literary record, the predecessor of the building appeared as early as 6th century. Then, you will transfer to Lucerne. The lion monument there is constructed in memory of those Swiss mercenary armies who swear to die for protecting the French King Louis XVI during the Great French Revolution. And during the trip, you will also see the spirit symbol of the city--Chapel Bridge, Swan Square and the Renaissance-style city hall built in the early 17th century.

  • Day
    Lucerne - Titlis - Interlaken

    Today, you will go to Titlis. Here you will take the world initiate 360°spinning cable car to have a miraculous trip in the sky. Each journey spins exactly a circle so that tourists can fully enjoy the great view no matter go up or go down from the hill. There is no doubt that you would never forget the whole stereo journey. In the Glacier Island in Titlis, you can experience the excitement and fun by trying skiing downhill. After that, you will proceed to Interlaken, the mountain city in Switzerland, known as the door to Jungfraujoch. Upon arrival, you will tour around Hoheweg.

  • Day
    Interlaken - Jungfraujoch - Geneva

    In the morning, you will take the most historically famous mountain climbing gear train to the hillside of Jungfraujoch, going through the grotto tunnel and arriving at the station on the peak. At the highest railway station in Europe, you can see the astonishing scenery of the Alps from the huge window. Go to Geneva at noon by car. After arrival, you will tour around in the downtown area and visit the biggest lake in Europe---Lake Geneva. The big fountain in the lake is the symbol of Geneva and the Flower Clock of the England garden beside the lake is the symbol of Geneva’s status as the center of horologe industry. The last two destinations today will be the Palace of Nations and International Committee of the Red Cross.

  • Day
    Departure from Switzerland

    After breakfast, you will go to the airport and take a flight flying back home.