Explore the World Safe and Worry-free in the Post-COVID-19 Era

The global travel has undergone a radical change and the entire industry has ground to a halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic over the past few years. However, we are now optimistic about 2022. The epidemic is slowing down, the global vaccination rate is increasing, while many international flights are resuming, and some countries, including the United States, Australia, and Thailand, have opened their borders to international tourists. Many of our guests continue to tell us that they can't wait to join our tours to explore new destinations. How about you? Having a ready heart to go?

Your safety and well-being are our top priority! In accordance with the requirements of the World Health Organization and the World Tourism Council, we are fully prepared to strictly fulfill our responsibility for epidemic prevention and control when organizing tours. We have a professional team to make travel warning and risk assessment for each of our itineraries. During the whole journey, health monitoring and vaccination policy are strictly performed by all service personnel who come into contact with you, and your health status will also be cared at any time.

Hereunder are the 6 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW to book our tours with confidence during the post-COVID-19 age.
1. COVID Vaccine & Test Requirements for Travelers
We recommend that you prepare two proofs before travel:
  • Proof of negative COVID-19 test within 48 hours prior to boarding;
  • Proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 with the last dose given at least 14 days before boarding.
Countries have different policies on COVID-19 vaccination and testing. Some countries require both, while some require one of the above proofs. Before traveling, you can contact our staff to help you check the specific requirements of your destination country to know exactly what you need. Generally, a COVID test within 48 hours is required to prove your current health status, while full vaccination is recommended to build up your resistance to the virus. These two guarantees are basically enough to get you into any country that is open to cross-border travel. In addition, please be sure to cooperate when some countries require you to take a self-paid COVID test again upon entry or during your travel.
2. One-on-one Pre-qualification for Our Guests
We offer one-on-one pre-qualification service and help you prepare for all the documents needed for cross-border travel. Before booking, our travel consultants will check and register your information. Besides the above two proofs for full vaccination and COVID test, please truthfully provide your real name, current health status, temperature, recent travel history, movement track, and other COVID-related facts.

We will take your situation into full consideration to see if it meets the epidemic prevention requirements of the destination country, so as not to affect your trip later. If you do not meet the entry requirements of the destination country, rest assured that we will inform you in advance to prevent you from an invalid booking and money loss.
3. Worry-Free Booking Guarantee: Full Refund 30 Days in Advance
We encourage you to make travel plans for 2022 as early as possible, as now is a good time to take advantage of the best deals. We're willing to do everything to help you get well prepared, but sometimes things don’t work out during the pandemic. In order to ease your booking, our team considerately introduced flexible rescheduling and cancellation policies. If your trip does not take place due to force majeure, such as an outbreak of COVID-19, we guarantee that you will not lose out. The details are as follows:
  • For cancellations more than 30 days prior to departure, we offer the most generous unconditional 100% Refund Policy; or you can reschedule to a later date for free.
  • For cancellations made less than 30 days prior to departure but due to any of the following three COVID-related reasons, we won't charge you any fees, and will arrange a maximum refund for you just excluding the incurred costs such as airfare.
    • There is an outbreak in the guest's home country and the destination country imposes restrictions on entry;
    • There is an outbreak in the destination country, and you cannot go as scheduled;
    • If the guest has tested positive or has been confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 before departure, and cannot travel as scheduled;
  • For cancellations due to subjective reasons within 30 days prior to travel, the refund should be defined in accordance with our original cancellation guidelines.
4. Credit or Refund? It’s up to you!
You can get a direct refund after cancellation, or if you like, you can get a credit with us for a trip cancelled due to COVID-related reasons. We promise you that the money in this special account for you will never expire.

You can use the credit any time when you are ready planning your next trip. Pay for tours, flights, or entrance tickets, whatever you like. It is very flexible that you can also pay for the bookings for your family or friends. Anyway, it's all your money forever. Use it whenever you want! Of course, if you choose to turn the credit into the tours in 2022, we’ll offer more discounts for you, and please consult our customer service staff for details.
5. Private Tours Strongly Recommended in Post-COVID Age
In order to minimize the possibility of COVID transmission, one of the most important things you need to notice in future travel is the group size. Traditional multi-person group tours, with the risk of gathering people, are certainly no longer popular. Luckily, you have met us, AgateTravel, a leading tour operator specializing in diversified tailor-made private tours and travel solutions for more than 20 years.

Here are three reasons for you to choose our private tours:
  • First, most competitive price: Strong suppliers and local resources we have accumulated for years ensure that you get the most cost-effective private tour experience. You can compare prices all over the internet, with other tour operators offering the same service.
  • Second, ultimate flexibility: You can customize an itinerary according to your own time, travel style and pace, and favorite tourist attractions. Our travel plan customizers will give you expert guidance based on their in-depth investigation of the destinations, to help you realize the dream of a perfect family tour.
  • Third, but most important at the pandemic time – SAFETY: All our staff you interact with during a private tour, including guides and drivers, have been trained in COVID-19 prevention, and they will monitor your health and safety throughout the trip.
6. Smart Way to Save Money – Travel Insurance
We strongly recommend that you take out insurance before you travel. Spending money on this is about saving money, and it has almost become a necessity for you to travel at ease, especially facing the possibility of COVID-related accidents. Check your existing insurance coverage before you start a comparison. Have an in-depth discussion with the insurers to know the details of the insurance, including its price, coverage, benefits, maximum compensation amount, and time provisions. A proper insurance can protect you against some financial loss in the event of unexpected trip cancellation, interruption, delay, quarantine, or even medical treatment related to COVID-19.

Don't worry! We’ll always have your back whatever happens. We’ll actively take responsibility to help you communicate with local authorities and suppliers to obtain relevant documents so that you can approach your insurer to settle your claim as soon as possible.
Our Safety Measures against COVID-19
6 Guarantees to Keep You Safe
Health Guarantee of All Staff
Our tour guides, drivers, and all our staff in touch with you are in good health with normal temperatures and have tested negative for COVID-19 before meeting you. Most of them are fully vaccinated in accordance with local guidelines.
Care and Monitor Your Health Status
Masks are required for not only guides and drivers, but also you. During the tour, we’ll provide you with masks, alcohol disinfectant and hand sanitizers free of charge. We’ll take your temperature every day, monitor your health, and assist you to complete necessary tests according to local requirements.
Full Sanitizing for All Things & Places
Follow the guide’s advice to stay away from crowds and in the safe areas. All the spaces our guests stay in, including hotels, restaurants, vehicles, and scenic spots, are carefully selected and strictly cleaned and disinfected, while keeping high quality of service and retaining the enjoyment of travel.
Pre-trip: Travel Alerts Team
We have set up a Travel Alerts Team to follow the epidemic data, update the red lists and safety areas issued by local authorities, and track the confirmed cases and contacts, on which we based to design reasonable COVID-free itineraries and avoid foreseeable risks.
En-route: Best Emergency Support
We hate incidents but have to be prepared. Our team is well trained in epidemic prevention. Our tour guides are capable of handling any emergency, no matter it is an outbreak, route change, quarantine or even medical treatment, and they will help you out and return home safely.
Post-trip: Timely Follow-Up
Our customer service staff might contact you within 14 days after you return home. Please kindly monitor your temperature and current health status, and follow the quarantine policies of your home country. This is inconvenient but necessary, for the safety of all mankind around the world!