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WT-Rwanda 01:8 Days Tour of Rwanda: Kigali - Kayonza - Akagera - Lake Bulera - Lakes Ruhondo - Mt. Karisimbi
  • Day
    Arrival in Rwanda

    Upon arrival in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, you will transfer to the Akagera National Park. It takes about three to four hours to the eastern Rwanda via Kayonza. Then you will watch giraffes in giraffe valley in the afternoon. This kind of giraffe was once lived in Masai Mara. In January 1986, two male and four female giraffes were transported here. On the second Christmas Day, an elephant broke the rail around the giraffes and they ran away. Later these giraffes settled in a plain near the Kayonza border, which is called the giraffe valley.

  • Day
    Akagera National Park - Kayonza - Kigali

    In the morning you will visit the Akagera National Park to see many more wild animals. Then proceed to the highest point in the park - the height of Mutumba, where you can see Akagera lakes and Karangwe Mountains in Tanzania. Then you will enjoy your lunch in the lake region. In the afternoon, you will return to Kigali.

  • Day
    Kigali - Volcanoes National Park

    It takes four fours to return Kigali. After a short rest, you will go to the northwestern to see the famous Volcanoes National Park, where endangered gorillas gather. It covers 13,000 hectares and adjoins Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Virunga National Park.

  • Day
    Volcanoes National Park - Lake Bulera - Lakes Ruhondo

    You will walk to see gorillas, golden monkeys, Spotted Hyenas, buffalos and black-fronted duikers and other 178 kinds of birds in the Volcanoes National Park. If time permits, you will also visit Lake Bulera and Lakes Ruhondo. After the visit, you will return to the hotel.

  • Day
    Mt. Karisimbi

    Today’s tour will take you to visit Mt. Karisimbi which is the highest peak of Virunga Volcano in east central Africa. It is the habitat of gorillas and famous for fantastic plants. There are four vegetational zones from the bottom volcano. In the early morning you will spend about six hours climbing this mountain. When arriving in the peak, you can overlook the beautiful scenery. Then you will go to the campsite to have a good rest.

  • Day

    In the early morning you will climb Mt. Karisimbi again to enjoy fantastic sun rising. Then you will spend another four hours reaching the top of the snow mountain to see the unforgettable view. Then return to the camp for a rest.

  • Day
    Dian Fossey Trek and Gorilla Tour

    Today you will start your Dian Fossey Trek and Gorilla Tour. First you will see the golden money, one of the rarest primates in Africa. And then you will visit Dian Fossey Trek. Dian Fossey, an American zoologist who devoted herself to studying the gorillas for 18 years, made researches in Volcanoes National Park. She also committed herself to protecting the gorilla and it is a pity that she was murdered in 1985. After the tour, you will go back to Kigali.

  • Day
    Kigali - Departure from Rwanda

    This morning, you will tour around Kigali and you can purchase some local souvenirs for your friends. Then you will transfer to the airport by bus and take a homebound flight.