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WT-KH05:1 Day Phnom Penh
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    Phnom Penh Tour

    In the morning, the professional guide and driver will pick you up at the appointed time from your hotel. Then you will be transferred to the Royal Palace and start this one-day private Phnom Penh tour there. The palace is located in the center of the city and its construction work lasted from 1866 to 1870. This splendent palace complex is of typical traditional Khmer style and strong religious characteristics. Most of the buildings in the palace are white and yellow, and these two colors symbolize the Brahmanism and Buddhism respectively. There are tall minarets built at the center of the roofs. The whole building is shining under the sunlight with aesthetic appearance. After that, you will be guided to the nearby Silver Pagoda. It was so named because the floor was paved by 5,329 pieces of silver bricks and the total weight is almost 5 tons. Besides, a large number of national treasures are collected inside the pagoda, and it is also a place for people to worship the well-known huge jade Buddha. There is also a golden Buddha statue built to commemorate the King Sisowath Monivong. It was made of 18k gold, and there are 9,584 diamonds embedded on its body.

    Then we will pay a visit to the National Museum, which is located close to the northern gate of Royal Palace. Built in 1913, it collects thousands of rare items from the 4th to the 10th century, such as precious handicrafts and carving arts of Angkor Dynasty (802 - 1431), exquisite photographs of Angkor, as well as plenty of genuine sculptures discovered at Angkor Wat. There is a small pavilion in the middle of this exquisite museum used to worship a deity, and the pavilion is surrounded by four man-made lotus pools.

    The next stop is the Wat Phnom, which was built in 1372. This temple is the highest religious building in Phnom Penh City, so you can overlook the whole city from there. Standing on the top of the mountain, Wat Phnom has very distinguishing and pretty frescos on the walls.

    After that, our guide will take you to the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. This place was originally built as a senior school, and was then turned into a camp to hold prisoners. Tens of thousands of intellectuals, civilians, women and children were imprisoned and tortured to death over there. Horrified torture equipments and historical records there can let you have a better understanding of the murderous Khmer Rouge (1975 - 1979). Getting out of the impressed museum, we will go to the last stop of today’s private Cambodia Phnom Penh tour, Killing Fields of Choeung EK. It was constructed by the Khmer Rouge as a terroristic concentration camp. People built a pagoda here in 1988 and skulls of victims are displayed there.

    After finishing this one-day Phnom Penh tour package, our guide and driver will send you back to your hotel. If you want to extend your tour in Cambodia, please consult us freely. We will be glad to help.

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