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WT-Iran 02:23 Days Trip of Iran: Tehran - Qazvin - Lahijan - Rasht - Masuleh - Astara - Ardebil - Sarein - Lahrood - Meshkin Shahr - Ahar - Tabriz - Maku - Kandovan - Maragheh - Takab - Hamedan - Kangavar - Bisotun - Kermanshah - Andimeshk - Shush - Choghazanbil - Shushtar - Ahwaz - Bishapour - Firuzabad - Shiraz - Persepolis - Pasargad - Isfahan - Abyane - Kashan
  • Day
    Arrival in Iran

    Arrive at Tehran airport by air. As the capital of Iran, Tehran is a city with a long history. Enjoy free time after arrival.

  • Day
    Tehran - Qazvin

    Drive to Qazvin in the morning. In Alamut Valley, near Qazvin, you will climb Alamut and visit the Hasan Sabah castle. The castle is divine and well preserved, and a nationalist group named Assassins lived there from 11th century to the middle of 13th century. After that, you will continue the trip to Qazvin.

  • Day
    Qazvin - Lahijan - Rasht

    Qazvin, once the capital of Iran, is a city with a history of 1000 years. In the morning, you will visit the Friday Mosque which owns the biggest Mihrab among mosques in Iran. Next, you are going to visit the Shrine of Shahzadeh Hossein, Heydarieh Theological School and other sight spots. Drive to Rasht in the afternoon. On the way, you will visit the Chahar Oleya (4 Guardians) mosque and mausoleum of Sheikh Zahed in Lahijan.

  • Day
    Rasht - Masuleh - Astara

    The morning tour will take you to visit Masuleh, which is the most beautiful village in Iran with a history of 1000 years. It is an attractive mountain village where the houses are all made of yellow clay, well coordinating the surrounding scenery. For its long history, it is like a museum of anthropology and architecture. After the trip here, you will move forward to Astara. Tea garden and local traditional houses will be found on the way.

  • Day
    Astara - Ardebil - Shurabil Lake - Sarein

    Transfer to Ardebil by bus in the morning. On the way to Ardebil, you will go through a cliffy gorge named ‘Heyran pass’ which has a special view. Upon arrival, you are going to visit the Sheikh Safi -Ad-Din (the great Sufi) mausoleum and Ardebil bazaar, which is composed of various kinds of traditional Arabic stores, public bathrooms and mosques. Then you will move to visit the beautiful Shurabil Lake, a perfect place for taking photos. Finally, you will arrive in Sarein.

  • Day
    Sarein - Lahrood - Meshkin Shahr - Ahar - Tabriz

    Sarein is famous for numerous hot springs in Iran. You will proceed to Tabriz after relaxing in the hot springs the night before. On the way to Tabriz, you will pass through Lahrood, Meshkin Shahr and Ahar which is known for stalls. Tabriz used to be the capital of Armenia. Here you will visit the Masjede Kaboud built in 13th century and El Goli, a beautiful garden surrounding an artificial lake.

  • Day
    Tabriz - Maku

    Drive to Maku valley where you can see Baqcheh Jug Palace and Ghare Kelisa with a history of about one thousand years. The tomb of Saint Thaddeus lies in the Ghare Kelisa, which has great texture with the construction of black and white stones.

  • Day
    Tabriz - Kandovan

    In the morning, you will travel to Kandovan Village, a very livable village for humans surrounded by unique nature. It is said to be the Garden of Eden for Adam and Eve in the bible based on the studies of its geological structure and environment by many historians. Your trip today is to visit this holy place with no sins.

  • Day
    Tabriz - Maragheh - Takab

    Today’s tour will proceed to Takab. On the way, you will visit the Blue & Red domes of Maragheh and Ghaffariyeh dome in Maragheh. Then pay a visit to the Takhteh-e Suleiman, a world cultural heritage built in the 3rd century AD. In addition, a visit to the relics in Takab built in different periods will also be arranged today.

  • Day
    Takab - Hamedan

    Drive to Hamedan after breakfast. On the way, you will pay a visit to the mausoleum of a Mongol Sultan with a history of 700 years and the third highest dome in the world in Sultanieh.

  • Day
    Hamedan - Kangavar - Bisotun - Kermanshah

    Today’s tour will begin with the visit to the Ester & Mordkhay tombs and Hegmataneh hill. After that, you will drive to Kermanshah and visit Anahita temple for worshiping the goddess of water in Kangavar on the way. Then stop by to tour around tablet of Darius I and sculpture of Darius situated in the mountain.

  • Day

    According to historical records, Kermanshah used to be a significant place. This time you will visit the Taq-e Boston and many huge rock sculpture sites left from Sassanian. These sculptures show the scenes about fighting and hunting vividly. After that, you will move southward to Andimeshk.

  • Day
    Andimeshk - Shush - Choghazanbil - Shushtar - Ahwaz

    Drive to Ahwaz today. Along the way, you will look around at Tomb of Prophet Daniel, Acropolis, Darius Palace and a museum in Shush. Then continue the trip to Choghazanbil to visit the oldest ancient Assyria and ziggurat. Afterwards, you will also pay a visit to the Friday mosque in Shushtar. Finally, you will arrive in Ahwaz at nightfall.

  • Day
    Ahwaz - Bishapour - Shiraz

    In the morning, you will drive to Fars province. During the trip, you are going to visit Bishapour, which is an ancient city and built for celebrating the victory of Persian in Persian-Roman war. Here you will visit its historical remains and then move forward to Shiraz afterwards.

  • Day
    Shiraz - Firuzabad - Shiraz

    On the way to Firuzabad, you will visit the tabernacles of nomadic tribe and have tea with them to experience their life. Then you will visit Sassanid Palace, which is the biggest memorial left by that century. After the tour, you will drive back to Shiraz.

  • Day

    Have a full day tour in Shiraz today. First, you are going to look around Eram Garden and Naranjestan Gardens. Then, continue to visit the oldest mosque in Iran--Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque, Khan Theological School and Hafez mausoleum. In addition, a visit to Vakil complex and the amazing Aliebnehamze Holy Shrine can also not be missed.

  • Day
    Shiraz - Persepolis - Necropolis - Pasargad - Isfahan

    Go to Isfahan by car. During the trip, you will visit the Quran gate and Persepolis, a capital city of ancient Persian Empire. Persepolis, built in 500 B.C, is an imposing relic now. Next, you will visit necropolis where lies the king of Achamenian. And the following site is Pasargad where there is the tomb of Cyrus and also once the center of Achamenian. After the tour, continue your trip to Isfahan.

  • Day

    In the morning, you will visit the Imam square, which is the center of Isfahan and also surrounded by four monuments on the four sides of the square. Then you are going to visit the Sheikh Lotfollah mosque, Ali Qapou Palace and Isfahan bazaar. Tourists can purchase souvenirs and handicrafts in the bazaar. In the afternoon, you will proceed to visit some notable ancient bridges, like Si-o-Se Pol. Then, have some tea and rest for a while in a traditional teahouse and you may have a try if you are interested in Persian water tobacco pipe.

  • Day

    Continue your tour in Isfahan today. There are still lots of spots to be visited, including Armenian quarter of Jolfa, Vank cathedral, Friday mosque, Shaking minarets, Chehel Sotoon and many other typical sightseeing spots of Isfahan.

  • Day
    Isfahan - Abyane

    You will drive to Abyane, a charming ancient village where local people wear colorful clothes and live in brick houses. A trip here will bring you back to the old time. On the way to Abyane, you will also visit the Natanz Friday Mosque.

  • Day
    Abyane - Kashan - Tehran

    On the way back to Tehran, you will visit the Fin complex in Kashan. Kashan is most famous for carpets here. You may purchase some for your family or friends if you like. After that, continue driving to Tehran.

  • Day

    Stay in Tehran for the entire day. First of all, you will visit the Archaeological & Islamic Art Museum, which is the best museum for visitors to know about the culture of Persia. Then you are scheduled to have a visit at Niavaran palace. It is one of the three palaces in Tehran. There are four independent museums, a jewelry museum and Jamshidiyeh park in the palace.

  • Day
    Departure from Iran

    Enjoy free time in the morning to have a rest to ease from fatigues after the long trip. After lunch, you will transfer to the airport and depart from Iran by air.