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WT-Spain 01:9 Days Tour of Spain: Barcelona - Granada - Malaga - Torremolinos - Marbella - Mijas - Ronda - Jerez - Sevilla - Toledo - Madrid
  • Day
    Arrival in Spain

    Fly to Barcelona, known as “the flower of Europe”, which is the second largest city in Span. It is the birthplace of the Catalan culture and has a deep connection with French culture and language development. Upon arrival, you will transfer to check in the hotel, the rest of the day is free for you to relax or tour around the city.

  • Day
    Barcelona - Granada

    With pleasant climate, picturesque scenery and numerous historical spots, Barcelona is the most popular tourist attraction and known as “the Pearl of the Iberian Peninsula". Being the ancient cultural city of Spain, it is called Mediterranean Manhattan. First of all, you will visit Basilica and Expiatory Church of the Holy Family by Antonio Gaudi Cornet, a famous modernist architect in Span. It is one of the most amazing architectures in the world and also the most magnificent one in Barcelona. Later you are going to visit the Olympic Park, Rambla Street, Columbus Plaza and City Hall Square. If time permits, you will also visit Park Guell, Gaudi’s another work. After the visit you will take the train to Granada.

  • Day

    Granada is a city suitable to walk and full of imagination. After arrival, you will immediately realize and feel the rich Islamic culture. First of all, you will visit the world famous Alhambra Palace. Meaning “Red Fort” in Arabic, it is a famous palace in Spain and the essence of all Spanish historical spots Moorish have left, so it is known as the “Palace City” and “World Wonder”. With delicate, fresh and refined style, it is the greatest peak of Art Moore.

  • Day
    Granada - Malaga - Torremolinos

    Today you will go to Malaga in the Costa del Sol, a city famous for Picassos birthplace. It is now a hot tourist resorts and also the junction of international church. Besides, Malaga is the hometown of talented artist Picasso, so firstly you will visit the Picasso Museum, then proceed to Castillo de Gibralfaro to overlook Malaga port on the castle watchtower. After the tour in Malaga, you will proceed to Torremolinos.

  • Day
    Malaga - Mijas - Ronda

    In the morning, you will drive to the white town Mijas located above the gentle hills. Babbitt people silhouette against the blue sky, white flowers bloom before every household window, which is picturesque. Unique architectural style is appealing to shutterbugs around the world, and the white flawless romantic scenery attracts people to spend their honeymoon, hoping that love can return to the most flawless beauty because of the clean surroundings here. After the visit you will proceed to Ronda, the birthplace of bullfighting.

  • Day
    Ronda - Jerez - Sevilla

    Drive to Ronda in the morning. Most spots are located in the old city while accommodations and shopping are based in the New Town, therefore the old city looks like a ghost town at night. The quiet stone streets are decorated with the dim street lights as if entering the Medieval Spain. Ronda is also the birthplace of bullfighting so you will visit the oldest bullring in Spain. In the afternoon, you will travel to the fourth largest city Sevilla which is Spain’s Southern center of economy, trade, tourism and cultural hearth. The street of this city is wide, beautiful and clean with well green landscape. There are many historical spots in the city. After arrival, you are going to visit the Catedralde Sevillay, known as famous religious attraction of the city, which keeps the coffin of the great navigator Columbia. Later you will pay a visit to Torre Del Oro built in 1220 with the Arab fortress style. Besides, you will also visit the beautiful Spanish square and Karl Johans Street.

  • Day
    Sevilla - Toledo - Madrid

    The morning tour will take you to Toledo, an ancient city in middle ages. Although the city area is very small, it is the major political, economic and social center in Spain, especially famous for the production of the special handicrafts. There is no modern building but full of antique residences which make the whole city quiet and simple. Here you will walk along the ancient Rome Street, the Jewish church and the Arabic gate to appreciate the charm of the so-called world cultural heritage. After visit, you will head for Madrid.

  • Day

    As the capital of Spain, Madrid is the largest city of the country and known as “door of Europe” because of its important strategic position in history. Madrid is a city suitable to walk and there are full of the artistic and cultural treasures along the way. First, you will visit the Palacio Real de Madrid, the third largest Royal Palace in Europe after the Palace of Versailles and Vienna. Built in 1738, it is one of the best preserved and most beautiful palaces in the world and one of the best imperial palaces in Europe. Now, it has turned into a museum for travelers to visit. Later you will visit the old Spanish plaza, the great writer Saavedra Statues and Cibeles Fountain.

  • Day
    Departure from Spain

    After breakfast, you will transfer to the airport and leave Spain by plane. This is the end of the fascinating tours.