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Uncover the amazing world of extraordinary cultural heritages

North India, where the capital city Delhi and other most-visited destinations like Agra with Taj Mahal, Jaipur and Amritsar locate, fascinates travelers ...
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Trip Planning FAQs

When is the best time to visit North India?
It depends on your destinations. Most regions in North India suffer a scorching heat in summer except the Jammu & Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh, which are always covered with snow. So summer (from July to September) is the best time for you to visit these peaceful mountains and enjoy outdoor sports in a cool climate. In winter (from October to March) you are suggested to enjoy your heritage tour in the popular cities like Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Whichever kind of North India tour you choose, it is advisable to avoid monsoon (from June to July). But if you only get ample time during this period, getting relaxed at the famous yoga and spa center in North India is a good decision.

Kindly reminder: In the tourist season with pleasant climates, the hotel prices will rise. Comparing India tour packages with prices is advisable. Or you can contact us freely for a meticulously designed cheap North India tour package.
What are the best places to visit in North India?
The North India tour covers a wide range of highlights including plenty of cultural heritages and breathtaking natural landscapes. Here we list a classification of the North Indian must-go destinations for your reference:

For history and culture buffs: Your North India tour can focus on the popular cities in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. The capital Delhi will lead you to a time tour starting from the modern metropolis to the ancient building complexes. Agra with Taj Mahal, the border city of Amritsar, the Pink City of Jaipur, the golden city of Jaisalmer and the imperial cities of Jodhpur, Bikaner and Udaipur will bring you back to the great times of the Mughal Empire. Your eyes will be feasted by the colorful temples, majestic forts, splendid mausoleums and grand mosques.

For nature and outdoor enthusiasts: You will be intoxicated with the picturesque natural beauty of the snow-covered mountains and tranquil lakes in Gulmarg, Sonmarg and Srinagar situated in Jammu and Kashmir. Climbing to the secluded monasteries located on the mountains in Leh-Ladakh, you will enjoy a panorama of the peaceful snow-clad mountains and glaciers. Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh greets you with its pristine beauty of nature. And Manali provides you the best place for hiking, skiing, Zorbing, river rafting and paragliding. It is recommended to plan your North India tour packages to Jammur and Kashimir, Himachal Pradesh.

For those who love spiritual tours: The must-visit city in North India tour package is Varanasi, the holiest town in India. Boating on the Ganges River, you will meet the pious devotees and observe their unique religious rites. Sitting in the foothills of the Himalaya Ranges, Haridwar will lead you to unveil the mystery of Hindu pilgrimages. A visit to Rishikesh will give you an insight into yoga and meditation.
How to reach North India?
Many major cities in North India like Delhi, Jaipur, Varanasi and Amritsar are connected with the world by international airports, trains and roads. Most travelers prefer arriving in Delhi by air to start their North India tour. The transportation of North India is well planned with highways, railways and airlines. To enjoy a more comfortable transfer, you can book a cost-effective private tour by comparing the private North India tour packages with prices. If the crowded public transportation doesn’t bother you, the cheap North India tour packages by train will be the best, as the railways are able to reach remote countryside.

North India Tour Reviews

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  • Thurston Senior from IrelandPosted on March 17, 2020
    It was really an amazing North India tour for 9 days! Through our professional & warm guides, we learned so much about Indian cultures and customs. So many thanks!

    The hotels we stayed in the four cites (Delhi, Jaipur, Agra and Varanasi) were all 5-star and well located. We enjoyed their swimming pools, luxury rooms and hearty meals. Quite first-classic services!
  • Mariah Pinky from FrancePosted on March 06, 2020
    The whole journey of my 10-day North India tour was smooth and full of joy and happiness. The guides were all earnest and patient to share the unique facts about India - the local people regard the cow as their sacred animal. It’s better not to eat beef in front of them in order to respect their culture.
  • Edison Conrad from the United StatesPosted on February 29, 2020
    As a whole, India was a charming country with lots of famous attractions like the Taj Mahal, Palace of Wind and Ganga Aarti Ceremony. All of these were must-destinations to visit in North India! India was indeed chaotic, the animals mingled with various kinds of vehicles on the street and the road was not smooth. We were glad to have an experienced driver who always had safe and punctual pick-ups and send-offs. The Indian cuisine we had tended to be spicy, but the hotels provided us with delicious desserts like local ice cream. The breakfasts were western-style buffets with abundance and variety. Generally speaking, this trip was as good as expected....More
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