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WT-MYA05:One Day Mandalay Highlight Tour
Starting from US$89 per person
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    One-day Mandalay Highlight Tour

    Our experienced tour guide will pick you up at the hotel and take you to visit Mahamuni Pagoda. It's Myanmar’s second holiest pilgrimage site. In the pagoda is a 4-meter (13-ft) high Buddha statue, made of gold and decorated with precious jewels. People believe that touching the Buddha can erase their illness. Believers will also gild the statue to seek god’s blessings thus the appearance of the statue is full of raised gold nuggets with the thickest place of more than 16cm (6.3in).

    The next spot is Mahargandaryone Monastery. Hinayana has been popular among Myanmar for a long time. It regulates that monks should collect alms food from believers and cannot eat after midday. At around 10 o'clock in the morning thousands of monks would queue along the street holding their bowls with the left hand and quietly move forward. Then they will return to the monastery to have their meals together.

    After that, we will cross the City Harbor Bridge and have lunch. After lunch our tour guide will accompany you to visit Sagaing Nunnery. In this nunnery, you can see how the young novices study and live every day.

    Continue the tour to Sagaing Hill, another place of Buddhist pilgrimage in Mandalay. More than 500 temples and pagodas lie in the hill and over 6,000 monks study and practice here. We will have a clear view of the city on the top of Sagaing Hill.

    The last spot of your private Mandalay tour is the U Bein Bridge. This bridge is the longest teak bridge in the world. You can enjoy the breath-taking sunset by taking a boat ride along Taung Tha Man Lake.

    This one-day Mandalay tour package ends here. Our guide will escort you to the hotel.

    Meals: Lunch

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