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WT-Madagascar 03: 11 Days Tour of Madagascar: Tana - Antananarivo - Morondava - Toliara - Isalo - Fianarantsoa - Ranamafana National Park - Antsirabe - Andasibe Reserve - Parc Exotique
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    Fianarantsoa - Ranamafana National Park

    This morning, you will head to a famous tropical rain forest reserve of the central and eastern area--Ranamafana National Park. With an area of 41,600 hectare, it has lots of plants and numerous birds. Moreover, it is the only habitat of Hapalemur dore, which is the most rare species of Indriidae. In addition, the park is also famous for the outdoors hot spring and you should not miss it if you like it.

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    Ranamafana National Park - Antsirabe

    You will leave for Antsirabe that is 250 kilometers from the Ranamafana National Park. On the way to Antsirabe, you will pass by Anbhira town, which is famous for processing wooden handiworks in Madagascar. You may see the unique and exotic wood carving technology of Madagascar there. Don’t miss the exquisite works made by precious timber such as rosewood, padauk and karisuma (a unique and rare timber of Madagascar). In the afternoon, you will arrive at Antsirabe, a city with the highest elevation in Madagascar. The city is famous for the warm and comfortable climate all the year round and you can find the rickshaws everywhere. You will check in the hotel after dinner.  

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    Antsirabe - Tana - Andasibe National Forest Park

    Transfer back to Antananarivo in the morning and then you will have some time to have a brief city tour. Next, you will travel to the Andasibe National Forest Park, which is 130 kilometers away from the capital. (It’s about two and a half hours ride.) The Reserve is one of the five earliest nature reserves in Madagascar. Most of the plants in the Reserve are rain forest. It has plenty of races here. For example, there are 11 races of lemurs, including the biggest lemur--Indri indri, which in all merely 119 existed in the park in 1999. The Indri indris basically live in the Andasibe Reserve and you must be surprised by the rare wild orchids if you like plants.

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    Andasibe National Forest Park

    You will go to the Andasibe National Forest Park to find lemurs. The well-preserved rain forest provides comfortable habitat for many rare animals, among which the Indri is the most famous one. The Indri is the biggest lemur and only short-tailed lemur in the world. At present, the Indri only lives here and it hasn’t been fed in a cage by human successfully so far. There are plenty of races in the park, including rare and unique birds, amphibious animals and reptiles such as chameleon. All of them are all very attractive to tourists. Under the guide and arrangement of the local people, you can get in touch with the original forest and get inside the mystical world of the lemur. After visiting the national park, you will move to the crocodile valley, where has the largest carnivorous animals of Madagascar. 

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    Andasibe National Forest Park - Butterfly Valley - Antananarivo

    Go back to the capital in the morning. On the way you will first go to the Butterfly Valley, a private reserve about 70 kilometers away from the capital. It is famous for raising numerous unique reptiles, amphibians and insects. You must be excited to see so many kinds of chameleons, lizards and other insects. Furthermore, if you are lucky, you may have the opportunity to see the legendary dancing lemur, which is very funny.

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    Departure from Madagascar

    You will go to suburb to visit the Royal Hill of Ambohimanga, the only world cultural heritage approved by the UNESCO in Madagascar. In the afternoon, you will return your home by air and finish the exciting journey of Madagascar. 

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