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WT-Madagascar 02:8 Days Tana - Antananalivo - Antsirabe - Miandrivazo - Tsiribihina - Bekopaka - Tsingy de Bemaraha - Morondava
  • Day
    Arrival in Madagascar

    You will arrive in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar by air. Then you can enjoy the glorious scenery on the way driving to south. You will pass a village named Ambatolampy and top to visit there. Then move on to Antsirabe, a town with plenty of handicraft stores, is an important industrial center. When you get there, you can see colorful rickshaws which are called “pousse-pousse” by the local people.

  • Day

    You will visit Antsirabe and other places around it. In the morning you will go to volcanic Lake Tritrivia. It is very interesting that the water will rise when it comes to dry season. You can tour around the lake by riding a bicycle. And then you may go to see the lower Andraikiba Volcano Lake. Return to Antsirabe in the afternoon and you can have a city sightseeing by taking the “pousse-pousse” or purchase your favorite handicrafts in the local stores.

  • Day
    Antsirabe - Miandrivazo

    By driving to west, you will leave the hilly ground for the Tsiribihina River of the Miandrivazo in the morning. The lunch will be offered on the way to the river. Upon arrival, you will check in the hotel and then begin your trip in Miandrivazo. There will not have any tour to the Tsiribihina River today. However, you can have enough time to enjoy the wonderful scenery of the Tsiribihina River in the following three days.

  • Day
    Tsiribihina River

    You will begin your tour to the Tsiribihina River by canoe in the morning. The river crosses the Midwestern Madagascar. The water volume of the river remarkably changes with seasons – rise in summer and decline in winter. As the upstream flows through highland, the steep slope makes the water runs fast. In contrast, the downstream flows into the plain which is even, so the water moves slowly. There are rice, cotton and tobacco leaf in the basin. Therefore, the natural landscape is very glorious around here. In the following three days, we will guide you to visit along the Tsiribihina River. Apart from enjoying the diverse natural landscape and landforms, you will also visit many villages along the river to have a close look at the living condition of the local people. 

  • Day

    When driving to Bekopaka, you will pass by the Tsiribihina River again. You will cross the river by ferryboat and then move on to north. Eventually, you will reach Tsingy de Bemaraha Nature Preserve.

  • Day
    Tsingy de Bemaraha Nature Preserve

    Tsingy de Bemaraha Nature Preserve is located in the west coast of central Madagascar. It was listed in the World Heritage of the UNESCO in 1990 for its special geographical location, well-preserved mangrove forest, wild birds and lemurs. You will see karstic landscapes and limestone uplands with needles, splendid canyon of the Manambolo River, rolling hills and high peaks as well as the rare animal lemurs’ and birds’ habitats – the unspoilt forests, lakes, mangrove forests, marshes. And you will spend the whole day visiting this Preserve. 

  • Day

    Ending up the journey of Tsingy de Bemaraha Nature Preserve, you will move to south and arrive at Morondava. However, it will be your first trudge and you will reach Morondava at night. You can visit the Kirindy national park on the way. The park is the place which connects the west and south of Madagascar. It has the biggest local species in the parks of Madagascar. You can also observe the largest carnivores of Madagascar here.

  • Day
    Departure from Madagascar

    Return to Antananarivo in the morning and then you will go to the airport for the departure flight leaving Madagascar.