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LB102: 3 Days Self-driving to Explore the UNESCO Heritage Sites of Lebanon
Itinerary Details
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Lebanon is quite a small country, while it owns splendid UNESCO heritage sites. Due to the limited public transportation, if you travel independently, it will be a good idea to travel around the country by self-driving. This recommended itinerary includes 4 UNESCO heritage sites: Bybols, Anjar, Baalbek and Tyre. Let's rent a car and explore this historical land freely.
Day 1: Beirut - Byblos - Jounieh (113 kilometers/ 70 miles)
After breakfast, you will start your self-driving trip from Beirut. Drive from Ahmad Moukhtar Bayhoum to George Haddad/ 51M highway for around 2 kilometers/ 1.2 miles. Then drive to Mount Lebanon Governorate for 36.1 kilometers/ 22 miles and exit from 51M highway. Go ahead along Sea Side Rd for 1.8 kilometers/ 1.1 miles to arrive at your first destination - Bybols. Byblos is one the most ancient cities in Lebanon, which can be dated to over 7,000 years and is closely linked to the development and spread of Phoenician alphabet. Byblos is also the origin of the word "Bible".

After visiting the Bybols Ancient Town, you will drive southward to Jounieh. First, enter Sea Side Rd to Coastal Highway/ 51M for 1.3 kilometers/ 0.8 miles, then drive along the 51 M for 17 kilometers/ 10 miles to Jounieh and exit. You will then reach your second destination, the coastal city of Jounieh, where there are unique restaurants, market, holiday resorts, hotels, shopping centers, etc. You may choose a hotel to stay one night. In the late afternoon or early evening, walking to the seaside to enjoy the beautiful views will get you totally relaxed. We believe you will have a great time here.
  • Bybols Ancient Town
    Bybols Ancient Town
  • Jounieh
Day 2: Jounieh - Anjar - Baalbek - Beirut (210 kilometers/ 130 miles)
In the morning, you will check out from your hotel and leave for Anjar. Enter Coastal Highway/ Jounieh - Beirut/ 51M, drive along Beirut - Damascus International Highway/ 30M for 72 kilometers/ 44 miles to Anjar (Haouch Moussa). You will reach Anjar. Here you can see the ruins of the Grand Palace in Umayyad, the Anjar Church, the Anjar City Wall, etc.

In the afternoon, continue to drive along the following route for 65 kilometers/ 40 miles: Haouch Moussa - Beirut - Damascus International Highway/ Damascus Highway/ 30 M - Bar Elias - Terbol and Houch Hala - Ali El Nahir - Zahlé - Baalbek Highway - Baalbek-Hermel Governorate (Douris), exit from roundabout 1. Then enter Ali El Nahri for 5.6 kilometers/ 3.4 miles to connect to Saraain/Zahlé - Baalbek Highway for 16.5 kilometers/ 10 miles. Exit from roundabout 1 and drive from Douris to Ain Bourday for 4.8 kilometers/ 2.9 miles, you will arrive at Baalbek. Enjoy your time there and visit the Temple of Jupiter, the Temple of Baccus and the Temple of Venus. Then drive back to Beirut.
  • Temple of Baalbek
    Temple of Baalbek
Day 3: Beirut - Sidon - Tyre - Beirut (165 kilometers/ 102 miles)
Today you will take a one-day excursion in south of Beirut to visit two of the most important Phoenician cities. Driving southward along 51 M for 40 kilometers/ 24 miles, exit from roundabout 2 and enter Beirut - Saida Highway/ Coastal Highway/ 51 M. Move ahead for 2 kilometers/ 1.2 miles and turn slightly to the right. You will pass two rotary intersections and drive for 900 meters, then arrive at Sidon. You may see the local souk, the Crusaders' Sea Castle and the fish market here.

After visiting the Sidon, you will continue to drive to Tyre. Drive along the El Madrassa El Mehania - Coastal Highway/ Saida - Tyre/ 51 M for 1.5 kilometers/ 0.9 miles. Afterwards, drive along the Coastal Highway - Kfar Badde/ Nabatiyeh - Tyre Rd/ 51 M for 23 kilometers / 14 miles, then drive out of the Coastal Highway/ 51 M. Continue to go forward along 51M for 13.2 kilometers/ 8 miles and you will arrive at Tyre (Exit from El Kouds). You will spend 2-3 hours to visiting the Tyre Ancient Town. After that, go back to Beirut.

► Entrance fee:
Anjar: USD4
Baalbek: USD10
Tyre Ruins: USD8

► Tips for you: 
 As for car rental and driving in Lebanon, your driving license and the translation of your driving license (or the international driving License) will be required. This combination can be used when renting a car from the following car dealers: Budget, Firefly, Thrifty, Keddy by Europcar, Europcar, National, Dollar, AVIS, Interrent, Enterprise, Alamo, Hertz, SIXT.
 You may buy a local SIM Card with data, which can be used for access to internet, Google, etc. 
 Before driving, you are kindly suggested to buy enough insurance in case of emergencies.
 In Lebanon, traffic keeps to the right. The speed limit in urban area is 50 kilometers/ 31 miles per hour. In the suburbs, it is 100 kilometers/ 62 miles per hour. Fines for speeding are higher.
 All the passengers in the car need to fasten seat belts.
 If you meet with emergencies, please dial emergency call 122.
  • Sidon Sea Castle
    Sidon Sea Castle
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