Lebanon Transportation

How to Get to Lebanon

1. By Plane

Beirut International Airport is the only international airport in the country, located about 5 kilometers (3 miles) south of Beirut. Flights from Arab States, Kano and Lagos of Nigeria, Larnaca of Cyprus, Athens of Greece, Cairo of Egypt, Accra of Ghana, Copenhagen of Denmark, Nice and Paris of France, Milan and Rome of Italy, Cologne and Frankfurt of German, Warsaw of Poland land here. You can visit the nation by plane from the above countries. After getting off the plane, you can take a taxi to downtown area.

2. By Bus

It is faster and more comfortable to visit Lebanon by plane, but you can also choose bus. Buses run daily between Damascus and Beirut, and Homs and Tripoli, so you can take a bus in either city of Syria to Lebanon. It normally takes 4-5 hours and cost 400 or 500 Syrian pounds. Because of the civil war, taking a bus in Syria is not safe for visitors.

3. By Ship

Ferries between Tripoli in Lebanon and Tasucu in Turkey run weekly and seasonally, so you can take ferry to the country according to the schedule.

Domestic Traffic Overview

Domestic traffic of Lebanon is poor without subway and traffic jam is very serious in main cities. The public transport system of the nation exists in name only. Most public buses are bettered and operated by private companies. There are few bus stops, so it is very inconvenient for tourists. You can get around by coach, taxi and self-driving.

1. Coaches

Charles Helou Bus Station and Cola Bus Station are two main stations, which are both located in Beirut. Charles Helou Bus Station serves the buses to northern cities and Cola Bus Station is the main departure point for destinations in southern part of the country. However, the schedule of buses is uncertain, you can ask for the relative information at the station.

2. Taxies

There are two kinds of taxies in the country: “service” taxis and regular taxis. “Service” taxi is for short distances with other passengers sharing fare. The fare is cheap and varies depending on the distance. A regular taxi only picks up one passenger at one time; of course the fare is higher. Not matter you take “service” taxis or regular taxis, pre-negotiation is necessary to determine the fare. Taxis in Lebanon can be recognized by Red-colored license plate.

3. Self-driving

The public transportation of the country is not very convenient, so self-driving is a relatively good choice for tourists. International driving license can be used in Lebanon. Tourists can book a car on the websites of rental companies in advance and pick up and drop off the car at the airport. There are no toll stations and self-service gas stations in the country. Visitors need to pay fuel in cash. Lebanese drivers usually ignore the traffic rules and speed limit on the highway, hence you should be careful. Car rental is relatively expensive and you can choose to use it or not according to your need.

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