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Plan your perfect trip to Hanoi and experience its charms to the full.

As the thousand-year-old capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is the best city to learn all aspects of this fascinating country. From oriental Temple of Literature to western Hanoi Opera House; historical Chua Tran Quoc to symbolic St. Joseph's Cathedral; tranquil Ninh Binh to picturesque Halong Bay; as well as the must-see sights of Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and Old Quarter, our Hanoi tours will lead you to enjoy all these highlighted attractions and bring you an amazing experience.
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Trip Planning FAQs

What is the best time to plan a Hanoi tour?
Hanoi is a place worth to visit all year round with its beautiful scenery and long history. Relatively speaking, spring from February to April and autumn from October to November are considered as the best periods for its mild temperature, blue sky, clean air and blooming flowers.

In summer (May to September), also its monsoon months, the constant rains and high temperatures make it hot and wet when traveling outside.

In winter (December to January), it will be a bit cold and humid compared to the southern part. The temperature ranges from 5-20 degrees. Warm clothes are essential if you visit Halong Bay, Sapa or other remoted areas. Since there are many celebration events and festivals, winter is also a peak season for travelers.
What are the most popular attractions for Hanoi tour packages?
Hanoi has many highlighted sites of Vietnam. The solemn Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, historic One Pillar Pagoda, hustling Old Quarter, artistic Temple of Literature, national Museum of Ethnology, traditional Water Puppet Show, and Symbolic Saint Joseph's Cathedral are all popular attractions in Hanoi city.
How long should I stay for a Hanoi tour package?
Generally, 2-3 days are sufficient for a Hanoi tour package. It will cover most of the highlights like Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hoa Lo Prison, Hoan Kiem Lake, Museum of Ethnology and Old Quarter. If you want to extend the tour to Halong Bay, 4 days 3 nights will be suitable; and to Sapa, 6 days 5 nights will make you feel relaxed.
Is it safe to walk around the Old Quarter?
Yes, Hanoi is a safe city to visit. The public security in Old Quarter is quite good, and the crimes against tourists are extremely rare there. With friendly people and nice foods, Old Quarter welcomes thousands of travelers every day strolling there. One more thing to remind you is that please be aware of the passing motorbikes when crossing the road.
Is it safe to have street food during Hanoi tours?
Yes, it is safe to have street food in Hanoi. Vietnam food is well known for its simple´╝îhealthy and delicious. It will be an exciting experience to try street foods there. However, you are advised to choose the boiled and fried foods, or some other foods well-cooked with clean tables. If you miss the good street food in Hanoi, you will miss a major part of a wonderful Vietnam cuisine.
How can I rent a motorbike in Hanoi?
As a motorbike nation, it is easy for you to rent a motorbike at the shop on the street in Hanoi. Or, you could book through the motorbike rental company's website in advance. Please make sure you are an experienced motorbike driver with a license. Driving in Vietnam is not smart for new beginners. Kindly remind you obtaining the relevant insurance in your country is highly recommended.
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