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WT-Guatemala 01:8 Days Tour of Guatemala: Guatemala City - Chichicastenango - Lake Atitlan - Antigua - Tikal - Flores
  • Day
    Arrival in Guatemala City

    Fly to Guatemala City. You will go to the hotel to have a rest after arrival.

  • Day

    In the morning, you will go to visit the famous Chichi Market in Chichicastenango, the beautiful city surrounded by the valley. The market attracts the villagers all over the area, who come here the night before and sleep on the square with the blanket. In the early second morning, they lay the stall to sell the colorful fruits, vegetables and handicrafts. In the afternoon, the market end early. Then you are going to visit the beautiful seaside of Lake Atitlan composed by three grand volcanoes. A passenger ship will take you going through the sky blue waters of the lake, and arrive at the shelter of Atitlan in San Diego.

  • Day
    Lake Atitlan

    After watching Lake Atitlan in the morning, you will go to visit Atitlan city in San Diego. Scholars said Mayan civilization has disappeared in the one thousand years ago, but people who are in close contact with it can feel actually Mayan civilization continue in Guatemala City and residents here still keep traditional Mayan’s way of life. You may encounter people dressed in hand-made, flowery colorful and wide robes on the way.

  • Day
    Lake Atitlan

    In the morning, you will go across Lake Atitlan by speed boat to go back. You will arrive at the town Solola after driving a few miles around the winding mountain road. In the central square lie the biggest market where you will visit and wander around, watch piles of set fruits, vegetables, meat, and huge beautiful dyeing board composed by clothing. Then you will go back to the colony Antigua after the visual feast.

  • Day

    The morning tour will take you to visit the splendid cathedral. The whole time in the afternoon will be free on your own. You can rent the mountain bike to travel the nearby villages and to visit the coffee manor or the Australia nut plantation, or you may just walk around the central square to enjoy the city scenery.

  • Day

    Go to the tropical lowland in Peten by early flight, which is the hometown of Mayan. After the arrival, visit the Tikal remains, where you can see the pyramid towering above the dense forest and know the reason of this city as regional, scientific and political center. The primitive forest swallowed the civilized city at that time, and now it is the home of spider apes, white lipped peccary, brocket deer, scarlet macaws, ocelots and the jaguar which is rarely to see. Explore the remains by yourselves after lunch.

  • Day

    This morning, you will visit the remains freely, or explore the nearby villages by yourselves. After lunch, you will drive to the airport and then fly to Guatemala City.

  • Day
    Departure from Guatemala City

    After breakfast, you will drive to the airport and go home by the international flight.