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WT-Ghana 01:12 Days Tour of Ghana: Accra - Shai Hills - Aburi - Akosombo - Tafi Atome - Afadzato - Wli - Tamale - Bongo - Paga - Mole - Kumasi - Busua - Cape Coast
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    Arrival in Ghana

    You will fly to Ghana, a West African country. Ghana has been using the ancient national name in the history of the country. Since it is rich in gold, it was called “Gold Coast” before independence. Furthermore, it has a good reputation of “the home of cocoa” for it abounds in cocoa, and Ghana is one of the ten tourist countries in Africa. The government attaches importance to the use of natural and human resources to develop tourism rapidly. Nowadays, tourism has been the most rapidly growing industry and one of the main channels of foreign exchange income. After arriving in Accra, the capital of Ghana, you will go to the hotel to adjust the jet-lag.

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    Accra is the largest port city and the famous tourist center. You will pay a whole-day visit here. First, you will visit the James Town of Accra, which is filled with the buildings of colonial period, including the lighthouse of 30-meter high and Fort James. Afterwards you will go to Usher Town to visit Fort Usher there, where Kwame Nkrumah, the first president of the Republic of Ghana was once imprisoned. Then you will proceed to visit Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, Independence Square and Osu Castle, which is also called “Christiansburg Castle”. After that, you will visit the W. E. B. Dubois Centre for Pan African Culture. After the tour here, you will move on to visit Ghana University, which is the center of higher education of Ghana. And then go to visit the workroom of the performance art institute. You can not only understand the local wonderful culture here but also have the opportunity to participate in it to learn traditional Ghana dances.

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    Accra - Shai Hills - Aburi - Accra

    In the morning you will first go to visit the local casket-making shops, where you can appreciate the caskets with different carved patterns. It is also a kind of local tradition here. Then you will transfer to Shai Hills by bus to enjoy the scenery there. Certainly, many kinds of wild animals like antelopes and baboons will come into your view. Besides, you will have a chance to visit the cave, which is a significant historic cave and in which many tribes once lived. The afternoon tour will take you to visit Aburi Botanical Gardens, which was initially regarded as an agricultural investigation and research station established by the British colonial management department. Afterwards, it gradually became a botanical garden opened to the public. You can know more about the culture of the botanical garden here and also see some plants with medical value. Finally, you will go to Akuapim Mountain to visit Tetteh Quarshie farm which was the first place for planting cocoa beans in Ghana. Besides, you will pay a visit to medical plant scientific research center. After the visit, you will return to Accra.

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    Accra - Akosombo

    In the morning, you will head to Akosombo. First, you will stand on the high point of Volta Hotel to appreciate the magnificent scenery of Volta Lake and Akosombo Dam. Akosombo Dam is a project to exploit Volta river resources with multipurpose, which has benefits of power generation, flood control, irrigation, shipping and fishery, etc. With the construction of dam, this place has developed into a tourist area, which is considered as “Fairyland on Earth” with fresh, quiet and tranquil atmosphere. After visiting the dam, you will take a boat trip on Volta Lake. You will return to Akosombo and visit the dam in the close distance

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    Akosombo - Tafi Atome - Afadzato - Wli - Tamale

    This morning, you will pass through the Volta Region, where the scenery is very beautiful. Then you will get to Tafi Atome village, where you can visit Tafi Monkey Sanctuary. Just for the existence of this Tafi Monkey Sanctuary, Tafi Atome village is also called “Monkey Village”. Tafi Atome is the home of Mona Monkey and Patas monkey. Once a human riot took place here and these monkeys survived in the remaining forest. After finding them, people built such a shelter here and the local villagers considered these monkeys as the guardian angel. After the visit here, you will proceed to Afadzato Mountain, the highest elevation point in Ghana and the whole West African area. Afterwards, you will travel to the Wli Waterfalls, which is also the largest and highest waterfall in Ghana. Tonight will be spent in Tamale.

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    Tamale - Bongo - Paga - Tamale - Mole

    Today, you will head to Bolgatanga and stay in Bongo on the way to visit the chief’s palace. Next you will stay in Paga and you will have an uncommon experience to ride on crocodiles, which live in the heartland of the village and are considered as totems or some holy animals. Then you will return to Tamale. In the afternoon, you are going to visit the Culture Center and Tamale Central Market. Finally, you will go to Mole National park. Before arriving there, you will first visit Larabanga Mosque and Mysterious Stones. Then you will get to Mole National Park in the evening and take a night sightseeing in this park.

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    The morning tour will take you to visit the Mole National Park. You can swim and have fun in the pond or go to the scenic spots to view the scenery of dam. Meanwhile, you can get a best chance to see elephants. In the afternoon, you will visit Morgounori Village, which is the best place to experience the village life in the north of Ghana.

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    Mole - Kumasi

    Today, you will set off to Kumasi and visit the Kintampo Water Falls on the way. Then you will get to Kumasi by bus to visit the Central Market, which is one of the most important market centers of the traders in Ghana. If time permits, you will also visit Okomfo Anokye Sword, which is an important symbol of Ashanti area in the west of Africa.

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    You are going to visit the Manhyia Palace and museum, which are the places to get the first-hand information of Ashanti kingdom. Afterwards, you will proceed to visit the National Cultural Center and the Prempeh II Jubilee Museum with unique features. After that, you will go sightseeing in the handicraft village of Ashanti and you can experience the exquisite crafts of African sculpture art. In the evening, some cultural performances will be arranged.

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    Kumasi - Busua

    Travel to Elmina today and you will visit Obuasi, the richest gold mine town in the Ashanti area on the way. In the afternoon, you will get to the Busua beach holiday resort. Busua is one of the most famous sand beach holiday resorts in Ghana and you will spend the rest of the day here.

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    Busua - Cape Coast

    After breakfast, you will go to Cape Coast and visit the Elmina Castle there first. Nowadays, the castle has been listed as the world heritage by UNESCO and it is the oldest castle in Ghana and also a very famous castle in West Africa. In the early times, it was the head quarter where the European colonists robbed gold. With the rise of slave trade, it became the important strongpoint where slaves were imprisoned and traded. And the building of this castle marked the prelude of the history that Ghana was reduced to the colony. Afterwards, you will visit Kakum National Park, which is one of the tropical rain forests preserved in the West African area. There are numerous wild animals here and it is a natural virgin land.

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    Cape Coast - Accra - Departure from Ghana

    In the morning, you will go to visit the Cape Coast Castle, which is also the place where the West African Historical Museum locates. This castle is another world cultural heritage in Ghana. You will return to Accra in the afternoon and then you are arranged to do shopping in the market freely. After dinner, you will transfer to the airport and return home by plane. Here is the end of this fascinating journey in Ghana.