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As one of the Four Ancient Civilizations, Egypt has a long history of over 5000 years and possesses the rich heritages more than the Pyramids. To discover more secrets of this mysterious land and uncover the history of its ancient kingdom, let's start from the capital Cairo, enjoy the stunning landscape along the Nile River, and explore the Thebes ruins Luxor - the world’s largest open-air museum. The massive temples of Abu Simbel are also highlights not to be missed. After the historical sites, you could relax yourself on the beach of the Red Sea. Whatever you expect, our Egypt private tours will make it true.
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Trip Planning FAQs

How to get to and travel around Egypt?
Most travelers taking international flights will land at Cairo International Airport, while, some arrive at the Red Sea cities of Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada, or Mediterranean city Alexandria, the second largest city in Egypt. For domestic travel in Egypt, flights and trains are the common choices. In addition, the Nile Cruise tour is very popular for travelers, especially the section between Luxor and Aswan. Most of our private guided tours of Egypt include the Nile cruise for a more pleasant travel experience.
What are the opening hours of the popular tourist sites?
The majority of most-visited monuments and historical sites open from 8 AM to 4 PM, except for the Egyptian Museum opening from 9 AM to 5 PM. Some open-air attractions have evening hours, like Giza Pyramids and Luxor Temple with sound and light shows in the evening. During Ramadan, the 9th month of the Muslim year, the opening hours will be changed, and your guide of Egypt private tour packages will make reasonable arrangements accordingly.
Is tipping necessary for travelling in Egypt?
Yes, generally speaking, it is a bonus. When you are assisted or served well in Egypt, it is courteous to give a tip, not more than 5-10 Egyptian pound. However, in a restaurant, you are supposed to tip the waiter 5-10% for the service charge, which is excluded in the bill. Therefore, please prepare some changes in advance.
Do the travelers have to know about the history of Egypt before the trip?
If you take a private guided tour of Egypt, your Egyptologist guide will explain the history and background information to you on each site. However, if you desire to understand those wonders more deeply, it is advisable to learn its history before your Egypt private tour. Egypt is one of the Four Ancient Civilizations, and all attractions there are the antiquities.
Is there any advice for female travelers in Egypt?
Yes, a few suggestions will help you enjoy the trip better. First, to show the respect for the local culture, travelers are suggested to dress properly and to avoid the revealing and tight clothing. The second thing is that it is not advisable for women to go out alone in the evening. Egypt itself is a quite safe destination for travel with high-standard safety measures. It is more like a common advice for one travel to any foreign countries that you are not familiar with and have different culture.
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