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WT-Egypt 04:5 Days Trip of Sahara, Egypt: Cairo – Baharya Oasis – White Desert
  • Day
    Arrival in Cario – Baharya Oasis

    Upon arrive in Cairo, the capital of ancient Egypt, the guide will drive you to the Bahariya Oasis. After checking in the hotel in downtown and having dinner, you could have a good rest for the magic Sahara tour.

  • Day
    Baharya Oasis

    After breakfast, you will start one day tour in the Bahariya oasis. As one of the worlds top ten famous oases, it is located in the Western Desert of Egypt. There are many hot springs, which are your first destination. Then you will proceed to the largest village in this oasis, where a natural legacy of Roman fountain is left. Turning to the neighboring village, which was built on a basis of a temple, you could see the ancient murals and mysterious tomb.

  • Day
    White Desert

    In the morning, you will drive to visit the White Desert by jeep. The sand was creamy white as snow, making a sharp contrast to the yellow desert around. Sculptured by wind for thousands of years, the towering Cretaceous strata formation resembles a huge mushroom group. Later, the tour will be extended to the black desert and Crystal Mountain, enjoying the Bedouin dinner and overnight stay in tent under the stars.

  • Day
    White Desert - Baharya Oasis - Cairo

    In the desert, you could enjoy the beautiful sunrise on the early morning. On the way back Bahariya Oasis after breakfast, you will visit the Mountain of Miracles. Upon reaching Bahariya, you will transfer to Cairo by bus and then check in the hotel tonight.

  • Day
    Departure from Cairo

    Today, you are going to visit the Great Pyramid of Giza where visitors can enjoy the famous Khufu, Khafre, Menkaura and Great Sphinx. After that, you will proceed to visit the Egyptian Museum which is a real must for any stay in Cairo. When the tour ends, the guide will transfer you to Cairo Airport. You could board on your homebound flight on time.