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To explore, experience and enjoy the beauty of ancient & modern Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India and one of the most historic cities in the world, is a perfect combination of Indian rich history and its vigorous development. Our customized Delhi tour packages enable you to explore the vicissitudes of this old city by visiting the ancient building complexes like the Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Humayun's Tomb, Qutub Minar, and admire the modern cityscape in New Delhi. Start your India tours from Delhi, our expert helps from the beginning to the end of the trip.
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Trip Planning FAQs

What are the places that I should not miss in Delhi?
As the capital city with a long history, Delhi is endowed with many worth-seeing cultural heritages and splendid monuments. The most popular attractions among the history lovers are: Qutub Minar - a five-storey tapering tower, Humayun's tomb - the Baby Taj, India Gate - a monumental arch, Red Fort - a historic fort complex, and Jama Masjid - one of the biggest mosques in India. Besides, taking a rickshaw ride in the Chandni Chowk, an old market street in Delhi, is also a unique experience you can't miss in your Delhi tour package.
When is the best time to travel to Delhi?
We suggest you arrange your Delhi tour package in winter, from October to March, when the climate is pleasant. India has a tropical monsoon climate. The scorching hot in July will make your travel suffer and the rich rain in monsoon season from July to September will bring inconvenience. Even if you plan your Delhi tour in the best time, it is still recommended to bring sun blocks for your visits.
Is it safe to walk around in Delhi?
Yes, it is safe for travelers to take a walk in Delhi. But we suggest you arrange your stroll in the daytime and avoid walking in the secluded back streets. Your personal safety is ensured as violence crime is uncommon in India, let alone against the foreigners. However, trivial crimes like stealing still exist. It is advisable to watch over your valuables when taking a Delhi tour, especially at the crowded areas. Meanwhile, the traffic in Old Delhi is a bit chaotic and congested, we recommend you stay in the footpaths and be careful when crossing the roads.
Is tap water safe to drink in India?
No, we don't recommend you to drink tap water when taking a Delhi tour. The underground water in India is seriously polluted by the factories. So drinking tap water may make you feel uncomfortable or get ill. The bottled water offered by us for free and the water in the restaurants is safe for your Delhi tour.
Do you suggest to have a try of street food in Delhi?
Yes, but it is critical to choose the suitable restaurants and food. Due to the spicy ingredients or poor sanitation, some travelers will get diarrhea after sampling. We suggest you try the freshly cooked hot street food at the restaurants or vendors with good hygiene. It is recommended to take a Delhi private tour. According to your food preference, your local guide will take you to the restaurants and stalls with authentic tastes and cleaner environments.
How about the public transportation in Delhi?
Being the capital of India, Delhi is equipped with a well-planned transportation system providing various ways for traveling. You can arrange your Delhi tour by bus, metro, taxi at an affordable expense. If you feel adventurous, taking a rickshaw ride will also be an unforgettable experience. However, if you want a more comfortable transfer, we recommend you take a Delhi private tour with your own driver as the public transports are always badly crowded.

Delhi Tour Reviews

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  • Anthony from NetherlandsPosted on March 31, 2021
    We spent a wonderful 4 days Delhi tour with Agate Travel. A responsible and informative guide accompanied us from the beginning to the end. The highlights of this trip were the well-known Taj Mahal and Red Fort. Both of them were amazing masterpieces of architecture in the world. And you won’t know how beautiful the Taj Mahal is until you see it in a close distance, finding the dazzling crystals, jades and agates decorating the walls. The guide gave us a detailed introduction of every attraction and the local culture. She spoke English well so it was easy to understand what she said. Thanks very much for arranging a very good tour indeed. We have all liked it very much and it has been an unforgettable experience....More
  • Elba Carmen from GermanyPosted on January 28, 2021
    During the 2 days Delhi tour, the guide was very concerned about every tourist in the group. She did her duty as an excellent tour guide. In her spare time, she also chatted with us, keeping a pleasant atmosphere. We were very satisfied with all the historical spots in Delhi and Agra. A short but enjoyable trip!
  • Jacqueline Gasson from AustraliaPosted on December 07, 2020
    We visited main sights in Delhi and Agra, always with an experienced guide with fluent English.

    The Taj Mahal was more beautiful and grander than I had expected and the red Agra Fort was also worth a visit. We received an avalanche of information about the culture, history and daily life of each place we went.

    It was a pity that we didn't see a beautiful sunset in the Taj Mahal because of the cloudy weather, and the photos we took were not satisfactory.
  • Scott Pambuffetti from CanadaPosted on October 12, 2020
    We loved everything that the Delhi tour brought to us! Delhi was full of never-ending surprises and all the time were enjoyable with the companion of our guide. The drivers also provided the outstanding level of service!
  • Danae from USAPosted on October 09, 2020
    Good service and a real good value. So many beautiful palaces in just 2 days Delhi tour and an amazing experience with the local guide. The driver had a perfect story-telling logical thinking and even shared with us so much knowledge about the history.

    The route was well arranged, from Delhi to Agra covering the Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Humayun’s Tomb, the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. The two guides both took good care of my family (my parents and 6-year-old son) and gave wonderful introductions. Great to travel with Agate!
  • Hara Kumiko from JapanPosted on August 15, 2020
    From the beginning to the end of the Delhi tour, our guide was always conscientious and responsible for everyone:)
    She really did a good job of coordination and offered safety tips in advance. She also took the initiative to listen to our opinions and tried her best to meet our requirements and solve the problems raised by everyone. An amazing experience!!
  • Pavlina Seiger from ArgentinaPosted on July 31, 2020
    The 1 day Delhi tour provided excellent value for the money! Although we only spent one day with the guide, we would like to show our compliments for her conscientiousness and professionalism. The connection between each spot was very reasonable, saving much time. She also told us some important precautions before entering the attraction.

    The most important thing was that the explanations were so wonderful. She introduced us with the historical background in a humorous way, so that we had a good understanding of the history of India. When visiting the scenic spot, she gave us some knowledge, which was very interesting!

    The whole journey was not tiring at all. The seats in our private car were comfortable, and the consultant offered warm help and detailed explanation before departure.
  • Lopez from USAPosted on July 09, 2020
    Our 2-day Delhi tour to Agra with Agate was fabulous from start to finish. It took around 3 hours from Delhi to Agra. We visited the Agra Fort first and it was really a surprise! There were many highlights in this fort like Jahangir Mahal and Musamman Burj. Of course, the Taj Mahal was an unmissable spot in the whole country, quite worth seeing! In general, this trip was relatively relaxing, suitable for the elderly and children!
  • Joan Katta from DenmarkPosted on July 02, 2020
    Our Delhi tour ended without a hitch. The grand Red Fort, busy Connaught Place, India National Museum, well-preserved Lodhi Garden and so on were all good memories of this short but fulfilling trip!
    Although Delhi is underdeveloped, it has a strong historical flavor and is worth exploring!
    The guide was very responsible to escort us to the airport. Also, many thanks to the driver for offering comfortable road trips. In addition, special appreciation to our designer who was flexible to tailor the itinerary according to our interests.
  • Kathleen Mohedas from the United StatesPosted on June 08, 2020
    We booked a private small Delhi tour of 6 people including my parents and kids. We got a full taste of Delhi’s history and humanistic landscape. Both the guides in Delhi and Agra were dedicated to introducing the stories of the brilliant architecture. I also appreciated their attentive service.

    There were no arranged meals on our 3 days trip and we chose the comprehensive restaurants according to our own preferences. The Naan Bread was not bad! Local western dishes tasted vary greatly!
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