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Exploration in Beijing, Changchun

Tour code: WT-bj03            
6-Day Exploration in Beijing and Changchun

For a great Beijing tour, please refer to the WT-BJ01. On the Fourth day, take a flight to Changchun and start to explore Nong’an and dreamlike Halamaodu. 

If you have had enough of the bustling city, paying a visit at Nong’an and Halamaodu is absolutely a kind of different experience for you today. take the bus at Kaixuan Road in Changchun to arrive in Nong’an, which is about 70 kilometers northwest of Changchun city. The bus departs at every 10 minutes from 05: 80 to 18: 00. It takes about 80 minutes to be there by bus. If you rent the car and drive there on your own, you should proceed north along the National Way 302. 

The present Nong’an County is located at the spot where Yellow Dragon Mansion was built during the times of Jin. A great amount of the historic relics were excavated here, of which the Old Tower of Liao Dynasty is the most representative. Once many a tourist came here for the fame of this spot and gets drunk here. The Yellow Dragon Tower is considered as the landmark of Nong’an. It is octagonal with 13 stories. It is open from 08: 00 to 18: 00 with the entrance fee of CNY20. Afterwards, you will head for Halamaodu, a small town veiled with some mysterious colors. Halamaodu is a Mongolian term with the meaning of Thick Forest. People are used to naming it Fake Beijing. It is only 8 kilometers west of National Way. The extraordinary natural Sand Carvings is like an inartificial palace. It is said the cracks were caused by the severe earthquake 500 years ago, weathering and natural power made it the present unique scenery. The best time to come here is in the Summer. You can fully appreciate the beauty at the expense of very little money.

On the next day, you may please yourselves in the city by visiting Badabu Site and Jingyuetan National Forest Park. It is very important for you to have enough breakfast in the morning. You can take bus No. 13, 258, 62 to arrive at Badabu, which is the reigning center of the Puppet Empire. It is composed of 8 organs, Public Security Department, Justice Department, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Communications, Agricultural Department, Department of Culture and Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Health Department. You can admire the distinctive view of different architectures and know about the past. It is open from 08: 00 to 18: 00 with the entrance fee of CNY10. 
In the afternoon, go to the Jingyuetan National Forest Park, it is famed as the god-given pure land in the metropolis. It is also known as the sister lake of Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan. You can imagine how alluring the scape is. You are highly advised to ski here if you have no time to go to Yabuli. Every Jan, the grand Skiing Festival is held in this resort. More interest is added if you get yourselves involved in kinds of activities like horse-racing, Motorbike Sledge, Dog and Horse Sled. If you have further question, please call the number 0431-84513521. 
We really wish you a happy holiday and go back to Beijing on the sixth day.