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Beijing & Changchun Impression

Tour code: WT-bj04              
6-Day Discovery in Beijing and Changchun

For your 3-Day Beijing schedule, you're advised to refer to the WT-bj01 for details. On the fourth day, take a morning flight to Changchun. Apart from the snowscape and historic places in Changchun, you can go farther to other tourist sites to discover more history and cultural deposits. It should be much more pleasant and enjoyable. If you are still energetic after flight, you could follow the itinerary below upon arrival or arrange a leisure schedule by yourself today.

After you have a wonderful time in the city of Changchun, we advise you to lengthen your trip by going farther places to get more acquainted with this city. Pack your luggage and start you way to Erlong Lake to appreciate its natural beauty. Erlong Lake is located at the juncture of Gongzhuling City, Liaoyuan City and Yitong County like a bright pearl inlaid on East Liao River. Standing on the dam of the lake, you can overlook the Erlong Mountain on each side of the lake, it looks like the body of the dragon winding in the distance. 96% of the scenic area is covered by vegetation. You can take the bus or the train to be there. If you choose to take bus, you need to go to the coach station at Huanghe Road. It is about 2 hours’ driving there. You may think taking train is more convenient and safer, go to the train station and take the soft seat train No. 4206 10: 30/ 11: 34 to Gongzhuling stop. The scenic area is open from 07: 00 to 18: 00 with the entrance fee of CNY10. You can call the number 0434-5619235 for more details. Erlong Lake abounds in fish and shrimps of different sorts. In Spring, it beckons migratory birds and waterfowl for habitation and reproduction. In Summer, wild flowers begin to blossom and present different postures in the hill. During the harvest time, the wild fruit, fungus and mushroom becomes ripe enough to be picked up. When it comes to Winter, miles of land covered by white snow looks very spectacular.

After fully appreciating this nice place, you should set out on your journey again and you can take the soft seat train N188 15: 25/ 16: 04 to Siping first. There are also a lot of buses running between Siping and Lishu County. Take the bus at Siping Coach Station and there is a bus at every 7 minutes at the cost of CNY4 per ticket. The last bus departs at 19: 00. Alternatively, if you prefer to take the taxi there, it is the case that you need to share the taxi with other passengers, for it usually carries 4 passengers in a car. Of course, you can pay more to charter the taxi if you don’t like the space to be shared with strangers. About 4 kilometers away from Lishu County is Pianlian Old Town, which was the site during the periods of Liao and Jin. The cultural relics were richly stored here, most of are still in the original state. You will be impressed by the ancient Chinese’ intelligence and creativity after you witness the profound cultural deposits. In the evening, you can lodge at the clean hostel in Siping.

In the next day, spend the whole day visiting Yehe Old Town, which is a town characteristic with old castellation of Nvzhen minority. The magnificence and grandeur of east and east Yehe city reappears here. Yehe clan means “riverain sun” in Manchu language. It is the one of the important cradles of Manchu. The admission fee is CNY20 and you can dial the number 0434-3566132 for further information. After that, you can return to Changchun and make your own plan.

On the sixth day, take a flight back to Beijing.